Hundreds of dead fish found floating along a canal in Pontedera, Italy

Moria di pesci nel canale Usciana (Fotocronache Germogli)

An endless procession of dead fish. Since yesterday morning in the channel Usciana, that takes away the water from the marshes of Fucecchio to merge into the Arno to cataracts of Montecalvoli or in Scolmatore through Usciana New cutting the hill of Montecchio, were seen hundreds of dead carp, catfish and other species living in the canal and in the marsh. « To 10 – Enzo tells Erotica, secretary of the PRI of Santa Maria a Monte and formerly deputy in – I went by car over the bridge sull’Usciana in Ponticelli and noticed dead fish slide towards the mouth. I tried to contact the Arpat, but no one responded, being Sunday offices are closed and also from Florence got no answer. I also tried to contact the Municipal Police of Santa Maria a Monte, but there was no one in command » .

IN THE AFTERNOON, after a survey along the banks of the canal in the area of ​​the cut back of the stadium Ponticelli, the same Erotica alerted 112 of the police that the authorities intervene to take note of the situation. At that point it was warned the emergency number of Arpat. Meanwhile, the number of dead fish in the Montecalvoli and then, further down, in Arno, increased visibly. Even from the boat Andrea da Pontedera were reported at the mouth of the channel. The mayor of Castelfranco, Gabriele Toti, who learned of the die-off of fish from The Nation, said « tomorrow (this morning, Ed) will ask for information ARPAT » . The why of dead fish in Usciana not clear, although it is not the first time that happens. Some years ago the Arpat did know after making the analysis of water and on carcasses of fish, it was lack of oxygen in the channel because of the drought. If it happened again this time we’ll know sopo analyzes although drought there can speak.

YESTERDAY AFTERNOON to 15 . 30 dead fish were noted only in the stretch between Castelfranco and Ponticelli and then Montecalvoli and the floodgates of Usciana. Not from the bridge sull’Usciana area via Lungomonte in Castelfranco and even before the Cerri Holy Cross Bridge or a Cappiano. That it was of a spill or abnormal from the bridge of Castelfranco from the one that crosses the canal from provincial halls in Montefalcone? Even in this case will be the analysis of Arpat to determine. The fact is that the plague has caused no little alarm throughout the area.


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