Hundreds of fish found dead along 8km river in Guer, France

Industrial sources of pollution caused a real massacre on Aff. Near river 10km have been soiled. Fishermen and local residents were dismayed.

They are fishermen who gave the alert. There are some days, they found an excess mortality of fish in the downstream of Guer Aff. Pollution dates back to September 7. A clogged pipe between a company and the treatment plant would have caused an overflow in ditches and in Aff. The drain was then brought a second influx of this polluted water containing vinegar and bacteria that resulted in a decrease of the point oxygenation of water fatal to fish.

8 km of polluted river

Fishermen and the Union of the Great Basin Oust found excess mortality for 8 km. Guer of the city’s technical services have been called on to pick up the dead fish. They were assisted for many birds that have facilitated the work abundantly fishing these easy prey. The police opened an investigation to understand the causes of pollution and why the fishermen were not aware of this pollution.

“We were warned several days later by union representatives watershed Oust” denounce residents and fishermen. The union spoke in a press release of September 9 “high pollution on Display” without further explanation, and talks about mortality. Local residents say they have witnessed a real catastrophe. Several of them were pictures and expect explanations of the nature of pollution, and the consequences for health and the environment in the coming days.

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