Thousands of fish are found dead in the water of Atlixco, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

An alleged excessive chlorination of water caused amanecieran killed thousands of fish in one side of jagüey located in the auxiliary board of San Jerónimo Coyula, confirmed the director of public security and governance Javier Vargas Machuca.

During a brief interview with this newspaper, adding that actually became aware of that event recently and one of the first explanations obtained, after an investigation, is that water from that well would not be contaminated, and instead was applied “chlorine” more.

The complaint of several residents of that community, close to the slopes of Popocatépetl volcano, caught the attention not only of the authorities, including those of the media nationwide.

So the company Televisa reported that thousands of fish lay prostrate in the jagüey located in Coyula. “There are many theories of people, some say they were poisoned, some gentlemen say it’s because of the rains that are already contaminated, others say it is normal that every year this happens but had never seen this many dead fish,” said Francisco Espinosa, president of Coyula who clarified that mojarras is used by the inhabitants for sale and home consumption.

The people of the community were concerned about the smell coming from the jagüey. “I’m scared of getting sick because the smell is strong, many fish are dead, are not few, and the animals that come to drink water can get sick,” said Zenaida Rojas.

“They stink, must be cast him pesticide, do not know,” Carlos, a resident of Coyula said. This body of water is also used for grazing animals sprue and supplier for irrigation of crops.

“Well you can get sick and I Nomás stare at animals that drink water may die from the situation of animals that were there,” said Margarito Rojas, another resident of Coyula. “A preventive tapes were placed to avoid any poisoning of animals,” said Francisco Espinosa.

Authorities begin water analysis to determine what had caused the death of fish. “It’s unfortunate what happened in the jagüey, we are concerned about the damage to wildlife. They’re already testing the water to measure PH, how much is contaminated, “said Rodolfo Chavez, ruler of Ecology Atlixco.

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