Thousands of fish turn up dead ‘due to pollution’ in Purbalingga, Indonesia

Ribuan ikan mati diduga akibat limbah pabrik

Thousands of fish are cultured in ponds owned by the Village Penambongan, Purbalingga, Central Java, died allegedly as a result of factory waste into the stream of time crowd.

“The case of the death of fish in the pond was first noticed on Saturday (20/9). At that time, I saw a lot of fish were floating in the pool,” said one of the owners of pools, Mardoko, in the Village Penambong RT 03 RW 03, District Purbalingga on Tuesday.

He was soon working to save the fish, but only a few could be saved.

He suspects River water flow crowd of local residents who used to irrigate the pool has been contaminated by a sewage plant in the upper reaches.

Therefore, he expects Purbalingga government and police to follow up cases of alleged pollution.

“As a result of this incident, we suffered huge losses because of the two pools is mine alone, the losses reached Rp 20 million as it contains about two hundred pounds of carp and tilapia. It does not include pools belonging to other people,” he explains.

Related cases death of thousands of dead fish in the pond Village residents Penambongan, Regent Purbalingga Sukento Rido Marhaendrianto rushed to the scene.

On the occasion, the Regent asked relevant agencies to follow up the findings that citizens do not experience greater losses.

“I ask, Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Dinnakan) and the Environment Agency (BLH) to immediately conduct further investigation to determine whether the source of the incident as a result of sewage contamination existing plant or other reasons,” he said.

“We will immediately investigate the incident,” he said.


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