Thousands of fish wash up dead in Central Java, Indonesia

Overheating, Thousands of Fish Dead in Kedung Ombo
Extra hot weather that struck Central Java in recent weeks, causing thousands of fish farmers cultivated in Kedung Ombo dead. As a result, fish farmers lose money.

The death of thousands of fish that occur evenly in almost all regions Kedung Ombo. For example, in the village of Ngasinan Ngargotirto, regency, Central Java. According ardiansyah, one fish farmers, the majority of dead fish is a seed that is not strong durability.

“The fish that died were mostly seed indigo and gold. But, the fish are harvested too many died due to heat in the area Kedung Ombo,” said Ardiansyah, farmers fish cages in Ngasinan, District Sumberlawang, Sragen, Monday (09/22/2014) .

Hot weather where temperatures sometimes reaching more than 40 degrees Celsius, leading to 3 tons of fish seed to 2 months of age her, dead. While the fish are ready to harvest the dead about 1 ton.

In the area there are about 100 Ngasinan themselves members of a group of farmers cages, with a total production of about 10 tons. Death of fish farming has been going on for the past week, with the dominant types of tilapia and gold because it is not heat resistant.

Currently cage farmers try to survive by developing a more resistant catfish hot weather. “Actually, the price of gold fish seed is currently quite expensive, at $ 38 thousand per kilogram. The indigo Rp 20 thousand to $ 23 thousand per kilogram,” said Ardiansyah.

While the price of tilapia ready to harvest now about USD 19 thousand to $ 20 thousand per kilogram. In addition because of the hot weather, drought currently causing water reservoir receded so many dead fish.

“The farmers of fish cages now many who become fishermen fishing in the reservoir,” said Ardiansyah.

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