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Thousands of fish wash up dead in Central Java, Indonesia

Overheating, Thousands of Fish Dead in Kedung Ombo
Extra hot weather that struck Central Java in recent weeks, causing thousands of fish farmers cultivated in Kedung Ombo dead. As a result, fish farmers lose money.

The death of thousands of fish that occur evenly in almost all regions Kedung Ombo. For example, in the village of Ngasinan Ngargotirto, regency, Central Java. According ardiansyah, one fish farmers, the majority of dead fish is a seed that is not strong durability.

“The fish that died were mostly seed indigo and gold. But, the fish are harvested too many died due to heat in the area Kedung Ombo,” said Ardiansyah, farmers fish cages in Ngasinan, District Sumberlawang, Sragen, Monday (09/22/2014) .

Hot weather where temperatures sometimes reaching more than 40 degrees Celsius, leading to 3 tons of fish seed to 2 months of age her, dead. While the fish are ready to harvest the dead about 1 ton.

In the area there are about 100 Ngasinan themselves members of a group of farmers cages, with a total production of about 10 tons. Death of fish farming has been going on for the past week, with the dominant types of tilapia and gold because it is not heat resistant.

Currently cage farmers try to survive by developing a more resistant catfish hot weather. “Actually, the price of gold fish seed is currently quite expensive, at $ 38 thousand per kilogram. The indigo Rp 20 thousand to $ 23 thousand per kilogram,” said Ardiansyah.

While the price of tilapia ready to harvest now about USD 19 thousand to $ 20 thousand per kilogram. In addition because of the hot weather, drought currently causing water reservoir receded so many dead fish.

“The farmers of fish cages now many who become fishermen fishing in the reservoir,” said Ardiansyah.

Die off of poultry due to ‘unknown disease’ in Bhaktapur, Nepal


Poultry farmers of Bhaktapur district are once again worried after mysterious disease started killing adult fowls.

An epidemic of unknown disease has hit farms of Broiler poultry for the past one month. The disease which has not been yet identified has caused nervousness among poultry keepers, said poultry entrepreneur Laxman Gwachha.

The new disease shares the symptoms of the new castle disease . The Bhaktapur poultry farmers, who had been adversely affected by the outbreak of bird flu in the district a year ago, are worried as the mysterious disease is again likely to ruin their business.

Live fowls have also lost their weight. Chickens completing 30-35 days are dying due to the unknown disease . Generally, they become ready for supplying in 45-50 days of rearing. 

The farmers visited the District Livestock Service Office and Central Livestock Research Centre with the dead fowls for test, but in vain.

Hundreds of fish found dead along 8km river in Guer, France

Industrial sources of pollution caused a real massacre on Aff. Near river 10km have been soiled. Fishermen and local residents were dismayed.

They are fishermen who gave the alert. There are some days, they found an excess mortality of fish in the downstream of Guer Aff. Pollution dates back to September 7. A clogged pipe between a company and the treatment plant would have caused an overflow in ditches and in Aff. The drain was then brought a second influx of this polluted water containing vinegar and bacteria that resulted in a decrease of the point oxygenation of water fatal to fish.

8 km of polluted river

Fishermen and the Union of the Great Basin Oust found excess mortality for 8 km. Guer of the city’s technical services have been called on to pick up the dead fish. They were assisted for many birds that have facilitated the work abundantly fishing these easy prey. The police opened an investigation to understand the causes of pollution and why the fishermen were not aware of this pollution.

“We were warned several days later by union representatives watershed Oust” denounce residents and fishermen. The union spoke in a press release of September 9 “high pollution on Display” without further explanation, and talks about mortality. Local residents say they have witnessed a real catastrophe. Several of them were pictures and expect explanations of the nature of pollution, and the consequences for health and the environment in the coming days.

Tons of fish die ‘unexpectedly’ in a lake in Hanoi, Vietnam

Fish in Thien Quang Lake (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi) sudden die-off, well-made white lake environmental staff struggled to collect

Thousands of livestock dead due to flooding in Srinagar, India

Livestock Alert

An epidemic threat is looming large over flood hit Srinagar with thousands of carcasses of livestock lying dead in the streets of the summer capital.

In Army’s largest dairy farm at Bemina on the Srinagar-Baramulla highway, bodies of hundreds of Jersy cows and buffaloes are lying unattended for the past eight days after the flood hit the city. The farm opposite to the Army’s cantonment, Toto Ground, is spread over hundreds of kanals of land in the middle of residential area.

Doctors termed the situation as “very threatening” saying if the dead animals were not removed and buried along with decomposing agents, the situation could lead to an epidemic outbreak. “This situation is a breeding ground for deadly diseases like cholera, hepatitis and typhoid,” said a known doctor at SMHS hospital.

A young boy who identified himself as Saifullah Gulzar of Al-Shakir colony, Bemina said there were 370 cows and buffaloes in the Army run farm. He said the farm got submerged on Sunday (September 7).

“The main gate of the farm was closed which led to the death of the animals. Only seven cows could be saved while they were being washed away by floods,” said Gulzar.

While most of the carcasses have got stuck in the mud and flood water in the farm, many of them which were washed away by the flood were lying on the roadside, on the Srinagar-Baramulla highway.

With water level receding and sun shining bright, hundreds of dogs and vultures are preying on these carcasses. The whole area stinks and people moving on the road by foot or in vehicles cover their mouths to avoid the stinking smell.

“It is becoming very dangerous day-by-day to return to our homes due to this stink and there are chances of deadly diseases taking places due to these unattended carcasses,” said another local Shabir Ahmad. “Some of the families which had returned went back due to the epidemic threat in the area. We are not allowing our children to enter this entire area.”

In posh Raj Bagh area which is one of the areas worst hit by floods, carcasses of dogs were floating on the flood water. Groups of crows and other carnivore birds were feeding on these dead dogs at many places along the Jawahar Nagar-Raj Bagh road.

“If you move into the interiors of Rajbagh, you will find scores of dead dogs floating around. They have become a source of disease,” said Hashim Ahmad, member of a volunteer group from Ikhrajpora, carrying rescue and relief operations in the inundated Raj Bagh and Jawahar Nagar.

The situation is equally worse in Lasjan on the Srinagar outskirts which remained completely submerged for many days as the area is located on the Jhelum River embankment.

A foul smell is emanating from the locality as people walking along the bund cover their mouth. “First the flood ravaged us and now the government has abandoned us. The entire area has become a death trap,” said a local Mubashir Hussain.

The bodies of dead animals like dogs and cows and poultry birds were floating on inundated roads at many places in the city on Monday including Hyderpora-Tengpora road, Iqbal Park-LD road.

Another senior doctor said the government should remove the carcasses from the roads at the war-footing and bury them as soon as possible. “They can be even burnt also,” the doctor said.

None of the ministers or government officials concerned could be reached at for their comment over the situation due to poor telecommunication network in Kashmir.

Thousands of fish are found dead in the water of Atlixco, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

An alleged excessive chlorination of water caused amanecieran killed thousands of fish in one side of jagüey located in the auxiliary board of San Jerónimo Coyula, confirmed the director of public security and governance Javier Vargas Machuca.

During a brief interview with this newspaper, adding that actually became aware of that event recently and one of the first explanations obtained, after an investigation, is that water from that well would not be contaminated, and instead was applied “chlorine” more.

The complaint of several residents of that community, close to the slopes of Popocatépetl volcano, caught the attention not only of the authorities, including those of the media nationwide.

So the company Televisa reported that thousands of fish lay prostrate in the jagüey located in Coyula. “There are many theories of people, some say they were poisoned, some gentlemen say it’s because of the rains that are already contaminated, others say it is normal that every year this happens but had never seen this many dead fish,” said Francisco Espinosa, president of Coyula who clarified that mojarras is used by the inhabitants for sale and home consumption.

The people of the community were concerned about the smell coming from the jagüey. “I’m scared of getting sick because the smell is strong, many fish are dead, are not few, and the animals that come to drink water can get sick,” said Zenaida Rojas.

“They stink, must be cast him pesticide, do not know,” Carlos, a resident of Coyula said. This body of water is also used for grazing animals sprue and supplier for irrigation of crops.

“Well you can get sick and I Nomás stare at animals that drink water may die from the situation of animals that were there,” said Margarito Rojas, another resident of Coyula. “A preventive tapes were placed to avoid any poisoning of animals,” said Francisco Espinosa.

Authorities begin water analysis to determine what had caused the death of fish. “It’s unfortunate what happened in the jagüey, we are concerned about the damage to wildlife. They’re already testing the water to measure PH, how much is contaminated, “said Rodolfo Chavez, ruler of Ecology Atlixco.

Mass die off of fish in a lake in Huangshi, China

Recently, Hubei Huangshi City Lake Castle Lake appeared in a large number of dead fish on the 4th, pungent odor, to the residents living around the impact.

14, 10 am, reporters on the scene, silver carp, carp, grass carp and other fish, or piles or scattered floating in the water. These large dead fish about 40 cm, only a small little finger length. In the middle of dead fish, but also mixed with damaged boat, plastic bags and other garbage. In response, EPA staff said Huangshigang area, into a piece of dead fish or water quality and weather.

Chen, who lives in Castle Lake community, weekdays along the Castle Lake on the 4th lake walk, exercise. “This morning on the 4th to the lake, I was scared to death, the lake is full of dead fish floating.” Mr. Chen said, “Although there are a few days before this phenomenon, but not so serious today, stink to high heaven, yet near the lake to smell the stench very strong, are not here for a walk. “

Chen said that each year 7,8,9 month, Castle Lake on the 4th lake will have varying degrees of dead fish, but never so severe as it is today.

It is understood that the 4th Lake Castle Lake area of ​​50 acres. Its north of the Yangtze river bank, there is a large forest, normally people concentrated there walking exercise, sing song pull; car to drive to the south, large flow of people Yellowstone Boulevard; east and west sides of a residential area. “Pungent smell of fish, has affected our normal life.” There are nearby residents said.

September 15 morning, the reporter saw a boat in the lake is fishing lake in the middle of dead fish salvage almost, but still a lot of shore on both sides.

In this regard, according to EPA staff Huangshigang area, said a piece of dead fish or water quality and weather.

Die off of fish is a ‘mystery’ in a canal in Vicenza, Italy

I pesci morti trovati nella roggia Capra a S. Maria di Camisano. N.G.

Die-off of fish in the canal Goat, long way Rasega to St. Mary of Camisano. The alarm was triggered on Wednesday morning, when some residents have noticed the fish floating on the waters of the stream that descends from Rampazzo. An abnormal phenomenon and that made immediately assume pollution. The Province has carried out an inspection, while Friday technicians Arpav have made some withdrawals. Yesterday morning I started cleaning by operators ecological Municipality who have recovered hundreds of fish, including carp, tench, chub and other varieties. “We are awaiting the results to understand the causes – the mayor Eleutherios Prezalis – In view of the water seemed clean, so as to exclude the presence of oil or hydrocarbons; But we want to go back and figure out what happened. ” The municipal technicians and local police yesterday climbed the stream to see if a similar situation had occurred in other places, but with negative results.

Mass death of fish along 7km of river in Quanzhou, China

Quanzhou is a large number of dead fish in the ditch stretches for several kilometers cited public onlookers

Quanzhou downtown water riverbank communities, and other places near the city of West many dead fish floating in the ditch, I hope the relevant departments as soon as possible to clean up. Why the sudden appearance of a large number of dead fish? These fish eat? Reporter conducted multiple interviews.

Many people still should not eat fish, experts say

In five areas west northbound ditch beside a man sitting on the fence, is fishing. Man told reporters that he was here a few days fishing, floating dead fish have been discovered, the largest number yesterday. Because it slightly with dead fish, the man for a moment, did not catch a fish, they “fought” to reach the other.

When reporters visited the river in the ditch junk trading center, three foreign accent speaking man just fishing in distribution network. One man said, these days the fish onto the scene in the ditch where more, they got a similar network, catch some fish, “sumptuous meal”, “no dead fish would not be a problem.”

Reporters learned that most are not in the ditch specially stocked fish, but at high tide, and some fish coming from the north ditch, some through the Jinjiang River swim with the tide coming in.

Dead fish can not eat? Fishery experts say can not eat dead fish. Because in the sewage discharged into the ditch, causing the river water quality deterioration. Hanoi high organic matter content of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc., many of these fish inhaled toxic substances, fish, whether fish or dead fish in this environment, it is best not to eat both.