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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 1087km (675mi) SE of Tamrida, Yemen
1221km (759mi) ESE of Bandarbeyla, Somalia
1289km (801mi) E of Eyl, Somalia
1301km (808mi) ESE of Bereeda, Somalia
1341km (833mi) NNE of Victoria, Seychelles  

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280,000 Salmon killed by a ‘rare algae bloom’ in Vancouver, Canada

A rare and extreme algae bloom killed an estimated 280,000 fish at a northern Vancouver Island salmon farm last week.

Campbell River-based salmon producer Marine Harvest Canada said the company estimated a loss of up to 1,100 tonnes of salmon with an average weight of 4.1 kilograms each as a result of the bloom.

Communications manager Ian Roberts said the company had been on high alert over the summer for heterosigma akashiwo, a harmful plankton known to kill salmon, at its Marsh Bay salmon farm near Port Hardy, B.C.

“There was little wind, and you put the water not moving and warm temperatures together, and things bloom,” said Roberts. “It can happen anywhere along the coast.”

Roberts said the loss of salmon, which were a few months away from being harvested, accounted for about three per cent of the company’s overall salmon production for the year.

Marine Harvest Canada has insurance to cover these types of rare events, Roberts said.

Although tarps and aeration helped reduce the harmful plankton at the company’s salmon farms in other regions of Vancouver Island, production director James Gaskill said in a news release its systems at Marsh Bay “just couldn’t overcome this extreme and rare bloom.”

With the weather changing, the company said they are not anticipating any further algae blooms, and the salmon have stopped dying.

Hundreds of fish die in Yosemite Lake ‘due to rain’ in California, America

Dead shad are seen floating Monday at American Legion Park.  CRAIG SANDERS/THE RECORD

Perhaps 200 fish died in Stockton’s Lake Yosemite following last week’s early-season rain, according to a report.

Most of the dead fish were shad, a witness said. They were floating on the north side, near where stormwater from across much of central Stockton drains into the lake.

The city has taken water samples to determine the possible cause, according to a report filed by the state Office of Emergency Services.

Fish kills after the first rains of the year are common. The rain washes an entire summer’s worth of motor oil, fertilizer and chemicals into city gutters, and from there into rivers and streams. Stormwater is not treated.

The public can help prevent future die-offs by making sure the water that goes into the gutters is as clean as possible. Keep your vehicle properly maintained so that it’s not leaking fluids. Don’t overwater your lawn, and sweep your driveway instead of hosing it down, which is illegal right now anyway because of the drought.

Hundreds of fish found dead floating in a canal in Hermosillo, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Fish reached the Abelardo L. Rodríguez de Hermosillo with the currents of the recent rains, were found dead a few days ago in the “main channel”, which serves as food for the water treatment plant 2 of Hermosillo.

Although there is a technical analysis, officials speculate that hundreds of tilapia or bream have died due to lack of oxygen in the site, however other live fish eat the dead.

The pond of about 150 meters for about 10 wide, located in Colonia El Ranchito, by the curtain, receives water from the dam and toward the water treatment, fail about 800 liters per second to enter the home network .

On a tour of the site tilapia of various sizes, some up to about 20 inches floating in the waters of brown between pieces of branches, plastic, cans and bottles were observed.

With a dustpan, municipal workers removed the dead fish that reached from shore.

When asked about the death of fish, one said it may have died in the dam and reach through the tube, one that even came killed by the San Miguel River, the main tributary of the dam.

Local residents report that a week ago noticed fish floating in the water, which increased odors outside their homes.

Officials from the State Water Commission Water and Hermosillo told unofficially that, as the canal, a location with low oxygenation, is likely to have died by asphyxiation.

Sugich Rene Luna, head of the State Water Commission, said he will ask the Profepa or Conagua undertake studies to determine the reason for the death of fish and if it faces a risk to human health.

Mass die off of fish in a channel in Sakarya, Turkey

Cause the rock to the channel due to the pollution in the district of Sakarya Kaynarca undetermined was mass fish deaths

Cause the rock to the channel in the district of Sakarya Kaynarca was mass fish deaths due to pollution can not be determined.

They Acer Turkey, the largest swamp in one piece of the rock began in Büyükyanık Quarter channel that feeds the swamp and undetermined cause mass fish deaths occurred due to pollution, has upset citizens. In recent days, died after precipitation with rising water levels which affect the fish hit the shore. Besides the numerous frog fish were found to be in the waste.

Hundreds of dead fish found floating on a lake in Tours, France

Des centaines de poissons ont été retrouvés morts depuis samedi sur le bras du Petit-Cher à Tours. - Des centaines de poissons ont été retrouvés morts depuis samedi sur le bras du Petit-Cher à Tours. - (Photo NR, Hugues Le Guellec)

Gardeners corner discovered the “massacre”, yesterday morning. Hundreds of dead fish floating on the surface. Also a foul odor emanating from the river. Already yesterday, Sunday, the first signs of asphyxia were visible in the arm of the Petit-Cher, along the lake of Bergeonnerie in Tours.

There are all kinds of fish: carp, pike (some are 40 cm), roach, bream, studs … Even large eels dying on shoals. Only cats fish are still alive, usually wedged in the bottom, they are now on the surface in search of oxygen.
On site, gardeners take all the same speech, like Jacques, who has already found the phenomenon two years ago: “The level decreased by 20 centimeters, the fish have more oxygen. It is shameful. Do you even lift
Why such a situation? A City Tours, explains: “This happens every year during periods of unemployment Cher. The drop in the water level, combined with the lack of rain and eutrophication of the environment, causes a lack of oxygen for the fish. “Putting unemployed allows for maintenance works on the Cher.
Faced with this excess mortality, “the city’s sanitation department has daily to remove dead fish,” is said.
If this drop in water level reveals many trash, it also shows the fish wealth of the middle who lives there.

Mass die off of fish in a pond in Chuzhou, China

Dead fish ponds

Recently, a fish pond in the suburbs of Chuzhou, every day of the dead fish float on extremely heavy, shining white, because too late to salvage the dead fish removed, dead fish on the water and the fish pond, and emit bursts of stench. Due to the death of an unknown fish in ponds received a master alarm, the police have been involved in the investigation currently Chuzhou.

Hundreds of fish found dead in a lake in Texas, America

Fish Kill Alert

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials say it was algae, not chemicals, which killed hundreds of fish in Round Rock.

People started seeing the dead fish Meadow Lake late last week, but officials say foul play was not the cause. Instead, state parks officials believe an algae bloom may have choked out oxygen in the lake.

Round Rock Parks officials say Meadow Lake is safe, although it might be a little stinky. Still, Texas Parks and Wildlife will test water samples in their lab.

50 dead sharks found washed ashore on a beach in N.Carolina, America

Michael Boswell, a local resident, was walking on the beach when he spotted "approximately 50 dead sharks" on the sand near Southeast 64th Street in Oak Island. (Source: Michael Boswell)
Michael Boswell, a local resident, was walking on the beach when he spotted “approximately 50 dead sharks” on the sand near Southeast 64th Street in Oak Island. (Source: Michael Boswell)

The NC Division of Marine Fisheries is investigating after dozens of dead sharks were found washed ashore on a popular beach strand in Brunswick County on Sunday morning.

Michael Boswell, a local resident, said he was walking on the beach when he spotted about 50 dead sharks on the sand near Southeast 64th Street in Oak Island.

The unidentified sharks range in size from approximately 1′-5′.

Boswell said he reported the discovery to police in Oak Island. Since the initial report, the sharks have been picked up and removed from the beach strand.

However, since the sharks were found below the tide line, this issue is under the jurisdiction of the NC Division of Marine Fisheries.

The exact cause of death for the sharks is still undetermined. According to Patricia Smith, a public information officer with that agency, crews are on their way to Oak Island to investigate the matter.

The unidentified sharks range in size from approximately 1'-5'. (Source: Michael Boswell)

The unidentified sharks range in size from approximately 1′-5′. (Source: Michael Boswell)
Oak Island Mayor Betty Wallace said it is illegal to dump any species of dead fish on the public beach strand. The only permitted forms of fishing on the beach are fishing for consumption or catch and release.

Even though this matter falls under the jurisdiction of the NC Division of Marine Fisheries, Wallace said she plans to ask town staff to look into the issue from their end.

“I plan to contact our town manager to review the situation,” said Wallace. “We should ask the public works department to keep a watch on this to make sure it doesn’t become a public health issue. We will be contacting the proper authorities to see what can or should be done.”