Hundreds of dead fish appear in the Segua Wetland in Ecuador

Dead fish appear in The Segua

Corral, guidance and representative of the tourism sector.

Corral said one of the owners noticed from the previous Thursday the death of a few fish, and yesterday this number was multiplied by countless far.

The guidebook said that the death of this variety of fish known as “tilapia” has occurred in the 1,732 hectares of the wetland. The guide says that the birds have also died and so far the causes that have led to the death of the species are unknown.

This day a minga to collect and remove the fish from the waters of the wetland, to avoid further pollution and know the exact amount of fish that have died, who will work together with the rangers of the Heart Isla be held, he said.

The guide said he called authorities of the Ministry of Environment, the same who came to the wetland and verified what happened.

“They will study the water to determine the causes of death, both birds and fish, this would take place on Monday and we will know what happened to the Senagua, to check for the possibility of opening a channel to allow more water because the wetland is drying and this could be one of the causes, “said Maria Corral.

The people in the industry call for an investigation of the act is carried out to determine the causes of the deaths of fish in this sector. They fear that the water is contaminated.


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