Tons of fish die in a reservoir in Cianjur, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Continue shrinking of water in the reservoir Jangari, Cianjur district due to the long drought last few months detrimental to farmers net. The reason is, because of this shrinkage, 13 tons of fish in the reservoir Jangari dead and causing damage to hundreds of millions.

According to the Head UPTD Aquaculture Development Center and Public Bodies Cirata, Ade Durrahman, the death of dozens of tons of fish was observed since Wednesday (10/15/2014). It is said Ade, fish mortality is most prevalent in net cages located in the outskirts of Reservoir Jangari.

“Due to the lack of water supply during the dry season, the oxygen is low plus the bad water quality,” said Ade in his office, Wednesday (10/15/2014).

The dead fish is a type of carp and pomfret. In anticipation of more deaths, Ade was instructed farmers to harvest fish net early. In addition, the feed must be reduced in order to fish in the pond is not too full and can still breathe oxygen, although minimal.

“If the gini should not grow fish are less durability. Its powerful it like catfish, catfish, carp, and others,” he said.

Until yesterday, the total shrinkage in Reservoir Jangari has reached 16 meters from the normal height in the range of 18 meters. This condition is clearly worrying especially in Cirata net amount already over capacity.

“Of the 12,000 to 53,000 set now. It’s more easier if there is a virus infection. If now the addition of baseball may be,” said Ade.

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