Increasing intensity of Fogo volcano has the Prime Minister extremely concerned

Volcano Alert

The Cape Verdean Prime Minister showed up, on Tuesday, concerned about the increased intensity of volcanic eruptions on the island of Fogo and assured that the Government and civil protection will strengthen security measures in affected sites”.
“A major concern was that, if the lavas advance beyond Portela, the slope of the land in that area could help speed its progress, which would put at risk, too, the village of Bangueira, further back in Chã from Caldeiras “, fears Neves in a note published in the official page of the Government.
Because of new developments on Tuesday, Neves stated that the Government and the civil protection system will strengthen security measures in the affected perimeter, where now are the scientific teams and the agents involved in the process, including foreign scientists”.
“This is, according to the authorities, the most critical phase so far, since the beginning of the eruption, and during this morning the front of lava towards Portela arrived moving at a speed of two meters every 12 minutes, and the latest reports gave account of an advancing lava in about 2-3 meters per hour towards that town, “he said”.
Early in the morning, José Maria Neves, cited by Lusa, confirmed the “reconfiguration” of its agenda due to the “complexity of the situation” that is lived on the island of Fogo, indicating that the summit on regionalization and the Prime Minister’s visit of Guinea-Bissau, Domingos Simões Pereira, to the country have been postponed.
Remember that Wednesday, the prime minister will visit the Portuguese frigate Alvares Cabral, who arrives in the country to provide humanitarian support to those affected by the volcanic eruption that takes place from the 23rd of November.
So far, the lava expelled already destroyed more than 50 houses and many other water tanks, pens, several houses supporting agriculture and a vast area of agricultural land”. The Chã das Caldeiras wine cooperative headquarters may be next.
It also consumed the headquarters of of Fogo Natural Park, an elementary school, a hotel and forced the evacuation of the town of Chã das Caldeiras, but so far did not cause casualties.

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