Millions of dead fish appear in a river in South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Jutaan ikan mati cemari Sungai Riam Kanan

Millions of fish that died because of lack of oxygen causes the Riam Kanan River in South Kalimantan Banjar district contaminated with bacteria from fish carcasses.

“The river must have been contaminated due to the millions of fish carcasses fills the entire body of the river,” said Saifuddin, the owner of floating net cages in Martapura Bangkal Awang village on Monday.

Owner another floating cages Burhan said, millions of carcasses tilapia and pomfret meet Riam Kanan river flow which has a width of 30 meters and a length of seven kilometers.

Mentioned, streams filled with fish carcasses will become longer if the flow of runoff water running when the door is opened the water reservoir Riam Kanan so widespread pollution.

“The flow of the river along the new seven kilometers from village to village Tambela Awang Bangkal, later when the water flows, fish carcasses will be carried downstream,” he said.

According to him, the owner may not dispose of the carcass cage fish ashore or buried because the very large so that the only way to throw into the river.

Described, the condition of the river is very horrible because carcasses filled with millions of fish that can not be used meet the daily needs such as bathing and other.

“Never bathe, wash hands just not possible because the river met the fish carcasses and smells so anyone should cover the nose,” he said.

It is said, the death of hundreds of tons of food fish are harvested and the seeds that make hundreds of floating cages owners have lost billions of dollars.

“Every farmer average loss of hundreds of millions for dead fish weighing several tons so if multiplied by the loss of hundreds of billions of fish farmers,” he said.

Secretary of the Department of Marine and Fisheries Kalsel Mariatul Ayesha met the owner cages, Monday afternoon, said he asked for the complete data related to the problem.

“We asked for a good number of complete data owner cages, the number of dead fish and other data that can be retrieved quickly troubleshooting steps,” he said.

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