Thousands of dead fish appear in a lake in Puebla, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

In Puebla, a weather phenomenon caused the death of thousands of fish in the lake of Valsequillo.

“Much water It flutters and start dating fish, everybody is there on the shore and we believe that is lack of oxygen,” said Enrique Gómez, settler.

The fish of the carp and tilapia, floating dead varieties from the area of the panga in San Baltazar Tétela up to the dam Maximino Avila Camacho.

“This is a cyclical phenomenon, appeared I remember in October last year, called thermocline and consisting of a sudden warming of the water layers also makes a sharp reduction in the amounts of oxygen which kills fish, “said Alberto Jimenez Merino, delegate of SAGARPA.

“There is the thick edge. If every year is, is temperature change, that is,” said Ramon Aguilar, fisherman.

In the area known as the Oasis, a foul odor is recorded due to the decomposition of dead fish that have not yet been removed from the lake.

Residents claim that this phenomenon is typical of this time of year, however authorities and conducted an investigation to rule that it is some kind of contamination in the water.

Valsequillo Lake is one of the major bodies of water in Puebla, used for irrigation, fishing and recreation.

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