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Hundreds of dead Trout found ‘is a mystery’ in a river in Schelpe, Germany

Fish Kill Alert

A mysterious death of fish in the Schelpe employs the inhabitants of Brenkhausen. There are several hundred trout have been found.

Citizens in Brenkhausen have found a number of dead fish for trout in a stream of Schelpe on Wednesday afternoon and informed the water authority of the district Hoexter. By the department of water samples and dead fish were seized for examination. Legged subsequent Bach commission gathered members of the fishing club Brenkhausen a three ten-gallon bucket full of dead fish. The first dead trout were about 100 meters above the tennis registered home, the last in the amount of the old sewage treatment plant. In the Schelpe are mainly due to the low water level undersized fish that migrate to a greater state into the Weser. So about 300 trout were collected in size from ten to 15 centimeters and about 15 large specimens dead from the stream. “I’m assuming that the entire fish population has died in the area of ​​the village Brenkhausen,” said Chairman of the Fisheries Association Brenkhausen, Johannes Hahn angle. In addition to the financial loss for the club and the environmental damage was great. For it was also killed the large stock of Mühlkoppen. Mühlkoppen, also known as sculpins are ten to 15 centimeters big fish, which are among the most endangered species and are therefore particularly protected. The fishing club Brenkhausen filed a complaint with the police.

20 Tons of fish washing up, ‘agonizing and dying’ is a ‘mystery and concern’ in Guanabara Bay, Brazil

Fish Kill Alert

The unusual situation is harshly affecting the local fisherpeople’s life, while authorities have finally started an investigation to find the cause of the problem.

For reasons as yet unknown, huge numbers of fish from the same species have been dying on the tourist beaches of Ganabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil over the past month, an unprecedented situation that is scaring the population.

The municipal cleaning service have found 20 tons of shads, a particular species of fish similar to sardines and herrings, as well as four sea turtles.

Surprisingly, “the tests proved that it is not a matter of chemical or toxic contamination of water,” declared the oceanograph David Zee to AFP, from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ).

The fisher people have complained of being forced to buy fish to resell, as their weekly wage has been cut by more than half, and have blamed the activities of the giant national oil company, Petrobras.

“The fisherman aren’t going to poison the water as it’s their lifeline. This is not because of fishermen. Why are [the authorities] not checking the activities of the petrochemical industry? Why are they not checking the refineries? It is very clear that we are witnessing a crime against the environment. What we need to know is who is responsible and what products are being used,” said Alexandre Anderson, president of the Men & Women of the Sea Association to AFP.

Two years ago, the Brazilian general attorney accused the Petrobras company of environmental crime, for contaminating the bay and one of the rivers.

As only one species seems to be involved so far, another possible cause would be thermal pollution: the water would be too warm, therefore diminishing the solvability of oxygen, something the shads are very sensitive to, explained Zee. According to the scientist, this phenomenon would be aggravated by the fact that the circulation and change of water is more difficult in this part of the bay.

Five specimens of shads have been sent for examination on Tuesday to the department of biology of the UFRJ, and the results should be known within the next week.

Thousands of dead fish found in a canal in Valencia, Spain

Parte de los peces muertos, ayer. :: jesús signes

Thousands of dead fish floating stacked against a wall. That is the image of a section of azarbe the new channel, the channel that runs along the left edge of the new channel and drain where water ditches crossing Valencia.

The barrier is located upstream of the mouth, adjacent to the Yacht Club, Although is downstream of the treatment plant of Pinedo, is not confirmed to be due to a spill on the ground, so why mortality could be due anoxia.

The lack of oxygen and was the reason the last year of lower mortality when the flow stagnation led to a rapid decay of the waters. Then, investigations of the Hydrographic Confederation of Júcar ruled out the presence of pesticides in the fields or contaminants from the wastewater treatment plant.

Anyway, the president of the Community of Fishermen of El Palmar, José Caballer, citing as an example the death to discourage an increased flow of treated water to the Albufera.

This is one of the solutions shuffled by the city to cover the lack of contribution coming from the XUQUER river. Councilman Devesa-Albufera, Vicent Aleixandre, alluded to this possibility in a recent meeting with the president of the Confederation of Júcar, Maria Angeles Ureña, where they discussed the dangerous low level in the lake.
The Most

Cavalry will meet next week with the Director General of Environment, Salome Pradas, to send you a series of claims, in addition to its refusal to allow the flow of the treatment plant Pinedo is increased.

Of these facilities out 40 hectometres a year, sources from the Ministry of Agriculture. The water must pass through the fields that act as filters to clean green organic debris before it reaches the lake.

However experts consulted indicated that remains a flow with excess salt, nitrate and ammonium. The Government now has under construction a few lines from the plant Pinedo to the vicinity of the port of Catarroja, a pipeline which will increase the volume of water if necessary.

The sources did not specify whether these contributions should be made only when the fields are in culture, ie lake leaving fallow months. Later this month will occur throughout the marsh the ‘perellonà’, the flood of ‘tancats’ used to wash the land and welcome thousands of birds that come to the natural park to spend the winter months.

In view Caballer, the lake is at least four inches below its minimum to ensure navigation and fish survival under conditions suitable level.

As reported by this newspaper, the level recorded in October and early November were the lowest since 2006, reflecting starkly gravity of the situation. The president of the Confederation of Júcar promised to find solutions, although the company had said a few days before extraordinary desembalses not be made from the dam of Tous. The solution could come from the treatment plant of Pinedo, although fishermen reject this flow, signaling the death of fish in the azarbe.

31,000 birds killed to outbreak of Avian flu in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

H5N8 Virus Alert

A highly contagious flu virus added to poultry farmers in trouble. 31,000 turkeys are killed in Pomerania. The virus was previously known only in Asia. As the disease came to Germany, is unclear.

Heinrichswalde / Schwerin first time, a previously known only from Asia and dangerous avian pathogens in Germany has emerged. The affected turkey operation with about 31,000 animals in the Vorpommern-Greifswald was locked. The turkeys are infected with the influenza virus subtype H5N8. On Thursday began with the killing, which is expected to close on Friday.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ministers of Agriculture Till Backhaus (SPD) said, on the evening cautious confidence that the disease remains limited to operation in Heinrichswalde. In contrast to the first major outbreak of bird flu in February 2006, had previously been discovered in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern not infected wild bird.

In the turkey fattening farm there was increased death rates since the beginning of the month, which would have increased in the past few days, the President of the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute (FLI), Thomas Mettenleiter dpa said. The FLI is the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health.

As the causative agent of avian influenza or bird flu came into the stock, is therefore unclear. The FLI have four experts sent to the site, the search for the causes. Finally, a highly contagious pathogen H5 in 2008 occurred in Germany.

“We have to assume that every highly pathogenic virus can also be a hazard to humans,” Mettenleiter said. For the H5N8 pathogen transmission to humans is not yet been observed – not even in South Korea, where hundreds of thousands of animals had been killed. But experts see no reason to panic.

Backhaus warned, however, it must be crucial to ensure that the virus does not jump to mammals. Within a radius of 50 kilometers around the outbreak of the bird immediately must remain in the stable. Even pet owners in the vicinity of water resting places of migratory birds on lakes and along the Baltic coast to bring their chickens, ducks and geese in the barn.

In the words of the county official veterinarian Holger bird in Anklam the area where animals have in the stable enough over the circle Vorpommern-Greifswald addition to the Uckermark (Brandenburg), the Mecklenburg Lake District and Poland.



***BE ALERT***

Magnetogram 16.12.14  22.48 hrs UTC

12 Turtles wash up dead along beaches in Fraser Coast Region, Australia

This turtle washed up on the beach in Boonooroo.

DEAD turtles are littering some of the region’s beaches as strong northerly winds bring the carcasses in to shore.

Northerly winds have lashed the region since early last week, pushing the bodies of more than 12 turtles up onto some beaches.

In the sleepy seaside village of Boonooroo in the southern end of the Fraser Coast, resident Kate Cavanagh has spotted an increasing number of the marine reptiles rotting on the sand.

“After finding the first turtle, I received a message from another person from Boonooroo saying they had found a dead turtle near their house,” she said.

“Over these last two weeks there would have to be at least 12 dead turtles that I have seen.”

Ms Cavanagh said most of the animals she had found on the beach were large.

“I have only discovered a small baby turtle and it was long dead,” she said.

After a large turtle was found on a Torquay beach last week, a Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokeswoman said turtles could die from several causes that were not obvious.

“In addition to boat strikes and predation from other marine animals – causes may include the health of the animal concerned or the availability of food,” she said.

“Prevailing winds and currents can carry stranded marine wildlife to other coastal areas, particularly bays, from wherever the stranding occurred.”

This is a more active time of year as turtles head into their breeding season and take advantage of the seagrass beds around Hervey Bay.

Massive amount of dead sardines wash ashore along 4km of coast of Hokkaido, Japan

Numerous sardines washed ashore in Pacific coastal area of Hokkaido – Photos

On 11/3/2014, numerous sardines were found washed ashore in Pacific coastal area of Hokkaido. A fisherman found it around 6AM of the day.

The location was Mukawa-cho in Hokkaido. The dead sardines were approx. 15 ~ 20cm long, which have grown up. They were found washed ashore for 4km along the coast.

The local fishermen state they have been fishing there for 60 years but haven’t seen such a thing.

Hokkaido fisheries experiment station comment it might be due to the storm one night before, but the exact cause is not identified.

On the other hand, local citizen commented on Twitter that that kind of storm was nothing rare, can happen quite often.

36 Whales dead after 60 are stranded in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Whale rescue 05 November, 2014

About 36 pilot whales that had become stranded in the Eastern Bay of Plenty in New Zealand have died.

Two whale pods beached themselves in the Ohiwa harbour on the north-east coast on Monday.

Wildlife conservationists launched a rescue operation and helped one pod to be refloated on Tuesday, while 21 more whales were successfully herded out to sea on Wednesday.

The reasons for mass pilot whale strandings are not well understood.

Pilot whales are particularly prone to stranding behaviour. The largest known pilot whale stranding involved an estimated 1,000 whales at the Chatham Islands in 1918, according to the DOC.

Steve Brightwell from the DOC said the whales came into Ohiwa harbour after one of them was unwell and beached itself, reported Radio New Zealand.

Eleven of the whales were euthanized on welfare grounds on Tuesday, the Department of Conservation (DOC) said. About 25 pilot whales were found dead early Wednesday morning.

‘Great effort’

At about 05:00 local time on Wednesday (16:00 GMT Tuesday) volunteer medics from Project Jonah, a non-profit organisation, along with the DOC began an operation to guide those whales that were still alive back out to sea.

Whale rescue 05 November, 2014

“We did it! All 22 whales were shepherded through the mouth of the harbour to the ocean and were last seen heading towards deeper water,” Project Jonah said on Facebook.

New Zealand on average has more whales stranding themselves than any other country in the world, Daren Grover, general manager of Project Jonah told the BBC.

“It’s something we have lived with and we are quite geared up to respond to,” he said. “Today was a great effort – all those that were alive were refloated.”

Whale rescue 05 November, 2014

Whale rescue 05 November, 2014

Scientists believe individual whales strand themselves because they have a disease and are coming to the end of their life.

However, there are numerous theories around mass stranding including their highly sociable behaviour. One theory is that as one whale becomes stranded the other members of its pod try to help and become stranded themselves.

Pilot whales are the largest member of the dolphin family. They get their name from the fact that researchers believe that each pod follows a “pilot” in the group.

Their distinguishing feature is a large bulbous forehead, which protrudes beyond the mouth and small beak.

Hundreds of dead fish found floating in a lake in Zigong, China

“White hemp on the water full of dead fish floated, at least several hundred pounds, is it a problem with the water quality?” Yesterday morning, Mr. Liu people call our hotline 96111 News broke the news that he was in the morning next to the West Railway Station in Zigong West Wetland running, found a large number of dead fish floating on the lake.

It is understood, of the Park from noon on the 3rd of dead fish began to appear one after another, the staff has already scooped four or five hundred pounds. Gongjing District Water Authority relevant staff analysis, the dead fish appear with weather and water upheaval caused by hypoxia less water, and to remind the public not to eat dead fish salvage privately to avoid stomach upset and so on.

Public revelations

Number of dead fish floating in the lake bursts of fish stench

9 o’clock yesterday morning, the reporter went to West City Reading West Railway Station is located next to the Zigong Wetland Park West, just went to the lake, then an oncoming fishy odor. Reporters saw the pan-green lake shore densely many dead fish floating in a long finger, two fingers wide majority of small fish, which are slightly larger than a small amount of scattered floating carp and crucian carp’s body.

Bypass a week from the park along the lake trail, the reporter noted, dead fish floating in the lake surrounding the main near the shore, lake central floating dead fish is not much. Reporters also saw a lot of water in the survival of fish floating in the water in droves probe.

At this time, the shores of Lake 4 staff are salvage of dead fish along the shore with a string bag, but a few minutes, several staff members on most fishing nets ashore dead fish. “Dead fish so much, really a pity.” Brother Liu told reporters on the 4th 7:00 am before, he as usual to run Wetland Morning, only to find a large dead fish floating on the lake, “ye son Suddenly so many dead fish floating up yo? Is the water is polluted, or out of the question the wisdom Oh? “on the lake, Liu brother and a lot of passing onlookers who raised questions in mind.

Cause Analysis

Weather changes caused by hypoxia enough to have a few hundred pounds of dead fish

Staff reporter at the scene of the forest of dead fish salvage master officer that Piaoqi dead fish in the lake is not the first time, actually from the 3rd at noon will appear one after the dead fish, “from the time we went to the lake to the salvage work. “Master Lin told reporters that from the beginning of the 3rd salvage until now, they’ve picked up the dead fish from the lake about four or five pounds.

Master Lin recalled, “about 20 days ago, the lake had a dead fish phenomenon also occurs, but this is far more than the dead fish.” Master Lin said the former first appeared dead fish, they recovered from a total of hundreds of pounds of dead fish, “estimates the amount of dead fish may have to break through a jin.”

“These two dead fish, probably because of the lake hypoxia.” Lin said the master, it is estimated that the next few days, the lake may also have a certain amount of dead fish, so the staff were The salvage work is expected to last about a week. “Once the dead fish in the lake appeared, we must salvage immediately.” Master Lin said that in order to avoid the lake water quality is affected, they will be uninterrupted lake salvage.

Subsequently, the reporter with the relevant staff made contact Gongjing District Water Authority, the staff member said, wetland and lake dead fish cataclysmic weather-related, “the 3rd Zigong is noon sunshine, renewed temperatures, afternoon Suddenly the wind blows, the temperature dips, resulting in a sharp decline in the oxygen content of the water a lot of dead fish. And less water lake wetland West, one of the reasons of dead fish appear. “

Departments to remind

Never attempt to salvage edible avoid stomach upset

“This phenomenon occurs twice after dead fish have people come to salvage, so there is a big security risk.” Master Lin peers and leather master told reporters after the appearance of dead fish in the lake, there were some people on the lake side to salvage, not only planted along the lake shore plants caused a certain degree of damage, but also easily lead to accidents such as falling lake.

“These are not to eat dead fish, and all should be carried out deep processing.” Relevant staff Gongjing District Water Authority to remind the general public, in order to avoid accidental injury or death caused by falling into the lake, or stomach upset after eating dead fish appear , diarrhea, etc., must not go to the people who want to salvage the dead fish, salvage work will be carried out relevant staff.

West Reading correspondent city Lanjiang photo coverage

Point to know more

Weather cause of “Pan pond” phenomenon

Sudden change in the weather, such as thunderstorms before air pressure is low, dissolved oxygen reduction, and a brief thunderstorm, the temperature of the surface of the water is low, the underlying high, causing water convection humus bottom flips, accelerate the decomposition, and then consume large amounts of oxygen , sometimes accompanied by the release of harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, as a result of a large number of fish died hypoxia.

In addition, particularly dreary morning, after a night of dissolved oxygen in water consumption has reached the lowest point plus dreary weather led to severe hypoxic water, if not timely measures are very easily lead to serious oxygen pan pond.