Hundreds of dead fish found floating in a lake in Zigong, China

“White hemp on the water full of dead fish floated, at least several hundred pounds, is it a problem with the water quality?” Yesterday morning, Mr. Liu people call our hotline 96111 News broke the news that he was in the morning next to the West Railway Station in Zigong West Wetland running, found a large number of dead fish floating on the lake.

It is understood, of the Park from noon on the 3rd of dead fish began to appear one after another, the staff has already scooped four or five hundred pounds. Gongjing District Water Authority relevant staff analysis, the dead fish appear with weather and water upheaval caused by hypoxia less water, and to remind the public not to eat dead fish salvage privately to avoid stomach upset and so on.

Public revelations

Number of dead fish floating in the lake bursts of fish stench

9 o’clock yesterday morning, the reporter went to West City Reading West Railway Station is located next to the Zigong Wetland Park West, just went to the lake, then an oncoming fishy odor. Reporters saw the pan-green lake shore densely many dead fish floating in a long finger, two fingers wide majority of small fish, which are slightly larger than a small amount of scattered floating carp and crucian carp’s body.

Bypass a week from the park along the lake trail, the reporter noted, dead fish floating in the lake surrounding the main near the shore, lake central floating dead fish is not much. Reporters also saw a lot of water in the survival of fish floating in the water in droves probe.

At this time, the shores of Lake 4 staff are salvage of dead fish along the shore with a string bag, but a few minutes, several staff members on most fishing nets ashore dead fish. “Dead fish so much, really a pity.” Brother Liu told reporters on the 4th 7:00 am before, he as usual to run Wetland Morning, only to find a large dead fish floating on the lake, “ye son Suddenly so many dead fish floating up yo? Is the water is polluted, or out of the question the wisdom Oh? “on the lake, Liu brother and a lot of passing onlookers who raised questions in mind.

Cause Analysis

Weather changes caused by hypoxia enough to have a few hundred pounds of dead fish

Staff reporter at the scene of the forest of dead fish salvage master officer that Piaoqi dead fish in the lake is not the first time, actually from the 3rd at noon will appear one after the dead fish, “from the time we went to the lake to the salvage work. “Master Lin told reporters that from the beginning of the 3rd salvage until now, they’ve picked up the dead fish from the lake about four or five pounds.

Master Lin recalled, “about 20 days ago, the lake had a dead fish phenomenon also occurs, but this is far more than the dead fish.” Master Lin said the former first appeared dead fish, they recovered from a total of hundreds of pounds of dead fish, “estimates the amount of dead fish may have to break through a jin.”

“These two dead fish, probably because of the lake hypoxia.” Lin said the master, it is estimated that the next few days, the lake may also have a certain amount of dead fish, so the staff were The salvage work is expected to last about a week. “Once the dead fish in the lake appeared, we must salvage immediately.” Master Lin said that in order to avoid the lake water quality is affected, they will be uninterrupted lake salvage.

Subsequently, the reporter with the relevant staff made contact Gongjing District Water Authority, the staff member said, wetland and lake dead fish cataclysmic weather-related, “the 3rd Zigong is noon sunshine, renewed temperatures, afternoon Suddenly the wind blows, the temperature dips, resulting in a sharp decline in the oxygen content of the water a lot of dead fish. And less water lake wetland West, one of the reasons of dead fish appear. “

Departments to remind

Never attempt to salvage edible avoid stomach upset

“This phenomenon occurs twice after dead fish have people come to salvage, so there is a big security risk.” Master Lin peers and leather master told reporters after the appearance of dead fish in the lake, there were some people on the lake side to salvage, not only planted along the lake shore plants caused a certain degree of damage, but also easily lead to accidents such as falling lake.

“These are not to eat dead fish, and all should be carried out deep processing.” Relevant staff Gongjing District Water Authority to remind the general public, in order to avoid accidental injury or death caused by falling into the lake, or stomach upset after eating dead fish appear , diarrhea, etc., must not go to the people who want to salvage the dead fish, salvage work will be carried out relevant staff.

West Reading correspondent city Lanjiang photo coverage

Point to know more

Weather cause of “Pan pond” phenomenon

Sudden change in the weather, such as thunderstorms before air pressure is low, dissolved oxygen reduction, and a brief thunderstorm, the temperature of the surface of the water is low, the underlying high, causing water convection humus bottom flips, accelerate the decomposition, and then consume large amounts of oxygen , sometimes accompanied by the release of harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, as a result of a large number of fish died hypoxia.

In addition, particularly dreary morning, after a night of dissolved oxygen in water consumption has reached the lowest point plus dreary weather led to severe hypoxic water, if not timely measures are very easily lead to serious oxygen pan pond.


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