Thousands of dead fish found in a canal in Valencia, Spain

Parte de los peces muertos, ayer. :: jesús signes

Thousands of dead fish floating stacked against a wall. That is the image of a section of azarbe the new channel, the channel that runs along the left edge of the new channel and drain where water ditches crossing Valencia.

The barrier is located upstream of the mouth, adjacent to the Yacht Club, Although is downstream of the treatment plant of Pinedo, is not confirmed to be due to a spill on the ground, so why mortality could be due anoxia.

The lack of oxygen and was the reason the last year of lower mortality when the flow stagnation led to a rapid decay of the waters. Then, investigations of the Hydrographic Confederation of Júcar ruled out the presence of pesticides in the fields or contaminants from the wastewater treatment plant.

Anyway, the president of the Community of Fishermen of El Palmar, José Caballer, citing as an example the death to discourage an increased flow of treated water to the Albufera.

This is one of the solutions shuffled by the city to cover the lack of contribution coming from the XUQUER river. Councilman Devesa-Albufera, Vicent Aleixandre, alluded to this possibility in a recent meeting with the president of the Confederation of Júcar, Maria Angeles Ureña, where they discussed the dangerous low level in the lake.
The Most

Cavalry will meet next week with the Director General of Environment, Salome Pradas, to send you a series of claims, in addition to its refusal to allow the flow of the treatment plant Pinedo is increased.

Of these facilities out 40 hectometres a year, sources from the Ministry of Agriculture. The water must pass through the fields that act as filters to clean green organic debris before it reaches the lake.

However experts consulted indicated that remains a flow with excess salt, nitrate and ammonium. The Government now has under construction a few lines from the plant Pinedo to the vicinity of the port of Catarroja, a pipeline which will increase the volume of water if necessary.

The sources did not specify whether these contributions should be made only when the fields are in culture, ie lake leaving fallow months. Later this month will occur throughout the marsh the ‘perellonà’, the flood of ‘tancats’ used to wash the land and welcome thousands of birds that come to the natural park to spend the winter months.

In view Caballer, the lake is at least four inches below its minimum to ensure navigation and fish survival under conditions suitable level.

As reported by this newspaper, the level recorded in October and early November were the lowest since 2006, reflecting starkly gravity of the situation. The president of the Confederation of Júcar promised to find solutions, although the company had said a few days before extraordinary desembalses not be made from the dam of Tous. The solution could come from the treatment plant of Pinedo, although fishermen reject this flow, signaling the death of fish in the azarbe.

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