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Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore on Kukkarahalli lake, India

Fish Kill Alert

Varsity authorities on Monday, continued to fish out hundreds of dead fish, which have been accumulating near the banks of Kukkarahalli Lake. The dead fish are being spotted on the banks of the Lake since Saturday.

While the number of dead fish found at the banks were relatively less on Saturday, their numbers grew on Sunday and Monday. According to varsity authorities, around 500-1,000 medium sized fish were found dead since Saturday.

K M Jayaramaiah of Kukkarahalli Lake Protection Committee, said the death of the fish was due to microcystin, chemicals produced by blue-green algae, which are toxic to the fish. “Increase in microcystin levels reduces the dissolved oxygen content in the water, causing the death of fish,” he said.

Blaming the continuous flow of sewage into the iconic Lake for the fish kill, he said that more than one MLD (Million Litres per Day) of sewage was being discharged from Paduvarahalli side, into the lake. “This discharge is rich in phosphate, a chemical which increases the production of microcystis in the Lake,” he said.

Even though birds avoid spots where dissolved oxygen levels are lower, especially at the banks, they too are at risk due to these toxins. Bird numbers generally increase during the months of November and December at the Lake, he added.

Mujavar S K, Assistant Horticulture Officer of the varsity, said that they have been removing dead fish from the past few days and attributed the kill to a “depletion in oxygen levels”.

Blame game

During a meeting held here on Monday, Vice Chancellor of the varsity, K S Rangappa held Mysore City Corporation (MCC) responsible for the fish kill. “Even though there has been a proposal to divert sewage for years, works have only been taken up recently. Yet, works are not progressing well,” he said.

It can be recalled that works for the diversion of sewage from Kukkarahalli and Karanji lakes were taken up earlier this year, at an estimated cost of Rs 5.03 crore. Of the amount, Rs two crore was sanctioned for the diversion of sewage from the Lake to Rayanakere sewage treatment plant. The works were scheduled to be completed by December.

According to Executive Engineer of UGD section, D L Raju, MCC has written to the government, seeking permission for traffic diversion. However, the government is yet to give permission for the same, he said, adding that there have been several road blocks for the completion of the works.

Raju said that works requires diversion of traffic along the Hunsur road, one of the busiest roads in the city. Currently, works on the UGD line has been taken up near Ramanna Circle. UGD pipes have been stocked along the projected path of the line. The works will be completed soon, he said.


One of the measures proposed for rejuvenating the Lake, apart from diverting sewage, is the revival of canals, which feeds rainwater into the Lake. According to M Lakshman of Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore (ACICM), 9A, 9B and 9C canals, which fed water into the Lake has been encroached, stifling the flow into the same. “The district administration and local urban bodies should take measures to clear the encroachment, and initiate measures to revive the lake,” he said.

No ‘Pay and Walk’ proposal before UoM

Following opposition by residents over the proposed collection of monthly fees from regular strollers at Kukkarahalli lake, Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore, K S Rangappa said that there was no such proposal before the varsity. Rangappa said that the protests staged against him and the varsity in this regard, was “instigated” by a section of media. “A few media organisations announced that the varsity would levy entry fees for strollers, without seeking any clarification from varsity authorities. This resulted in protests being staged against the varsity,” he said.

Speaking at a meeting with representatives of various associations of Mysore on Monday, he said that despite rumours of ‘Pay and Walk’, there was no such proposal before the varsity to introduce a fee. “If at all it is decided to collect fees in the future, the money collected will go towards the maintenance of the park,” he said.


He said that statues of Sir M Visvesvaraya and Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar would come up in front of Crawford Hall, ahead of the centenary celebrations of the varsity.

The height of Wadiyar’s statue would be larger than that of Visvesvaraya’s, he said.
There was a heated exchange of words between K S Rangappa, Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore and historian P V Nanjaraje Urs, at the formers office, here on Monday.

During the start of a meeting regarding the controversial ‘Pay and Walk’ proposal, Rangappa questioned whether Urs was a part of a delegation of organisations. Urs replied that he had come to offer suggestions regarding the ‘Pay and Walk’ scheme, as it was a public meeting.

Decibel levels in the VC’s chamber rose several notches after the initial exchange, after which Urs left the meeting. Rangappa calmed down only after lashing a tirade against a section of media.


2,000+ bats dead ‘due to heat wave’ in Casino, Australia

A baby flying fox rescued by WIRES volunteers at Casino.

A SEARING heatwave that hammered Casino with temperatures reaching 42C over Saturday and Sunday has killed more than 2000 native flying foxes, Richmond Valley Council has confirmed.

In a statement, the council said bats were falling from the trees along the bank of the Richmond River and around Hickey and Barker streets, with many more dead bats still in the trees. 

 As council officers worked to clear the bodies from the ground and the trees over the weekend, WIRES volunteers were working to save young flying foxes suffering from the high temperatures or orphaned by the heatwave.

Rural Fire Service volunteers also stepped in to help by spraying down the undergrowth around the bat colony in an effort to bring the temperature down.

However, the council is urging residents to resist the urge to personally help any live bats they find for safety reasons and general manager John Walker said parents and teachers needed to be “especially vigilant” about children approaching live bats.

Mr Walker warned the bats could bite or scratch, which carried the risk of lyssavirus.

Council officers would continue working to clear the bodies through the week, but would not be able to get all of them. Residents could expect a “quite unbearable” smell, he said.

Some of the dead animals were on private property and warned “large numbers” of dead bats in trees were “out of the reach of council crews”. Still more had fallen on inaccessible parts of the riverbank.

“Some areas along the riverbank are inaccessible and the stench from the rotting carcasses will be quite unbearable for some time yet,” Mr Walker was quoted saying in the statement.

“Whatever anyone’s opinion is either side of the bat debate, no one wishes this sort of tragedy on the bats.

“It just goes to show the extent and intensity of the heatwave we had over the weekend. Bats don’t know how to deal with the heat.”

Thousands of dead fish wash up along a lake in Adiyaman, Turkey

Adiyaman thousands of fish perished!

Kâhta 5 kilometers from the village right next to the property about 40 years ago, thousands dying fish in the pond made for irrigation along the coast. Indicating that upset the villagers due to the death of fish in the pond property Centenary Village Headman Ahmet Oguz, fish for a moment before he said should be investigated in detail by the Health Directorate of death. Mukhtar Oguz, “Our villagers because the stench that this pond where the spring is exposed to many diseases. Even those who have suffered from cancer. This petition authorities to remedy the problem many times I’ve written. Thousands of Kâhta wastewater flows in this pond fish dying to hit land. Approximately one month began to fish deaths. There were tons of fish dying shore. Believe me, the smell of dead fish and pond already exists we can not get our house because of its stench. I’m doing this village headmen 30 years. I’ve never seen anything like it. Organisms in the water is slowly dying. The village has 150 households. Did not fish in the pond. Live animals left. Tons of dead fish come ashore. I could not stand all the fish died, how people are based. Our health is in danger, “he said.

Oguz, authorities said he wanted to take action as soon as possible to see this.

Thousands of dead fish found in Bolaang Mongondow, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Demo citizens around the mine that most of the District of East Pinolosian urgent mine closure J Resources Bolaang Mongondow . The reason, they suspect thousands of fish in Dumagin poisoning, the impact of the mine, Thursday (11/13/2014).

Demonstrators suspected fish poisoning and death, it is a result of the presence of mines in the area. Massa came aboard several trucks, pickups and motorcycles assembled and stop the vehicle in the village Sondana.

From there, the people who accompanied activists of the National Student League for Democracy (LMND) walk to the office of the House of Representatives districts Mongondow Bolaang South carrying a dead fish sample. In front of the gate, they were confronted by police officers led by Police Chief Bolaang Uki, Commissioner Brammy Tamalihis.

Not allowed to enter more than ten people, the masses move forward. Given the circumstances that less allows Brammy told its members to close the gate. But it turns out, the gate was not able to hold hundreds of people were surging forward.

Massa managed to slightly soothed by members of the police and Peter Keni, Member of Parliament Bolsel. Keni who is a legislator Dapil East Pinolosian it repeatedly was in front appease the masses.

Finally, some representatives of the masses led Potabuga Parindo Field Coordinator, met six legislators Bolsel waiting in the conference room Consultative Body. Some legislators Bolsel who entertain demonstrators, among others, Abdul Razak Bunsal (ARB), Vice-Chairman of the Parliament Bolsel, Fadli Toliabu, Deputy Chairman of Parliament Bolsel, Mohammad Sukri Adam, Honorary Chairman of the Board, Ruslan Paputungan, Chairman of Commission I, Smith Hamid Chairman of Commission II , and Peter Keni, Bolsel other legislators.

ARB who chaired the meeting said the law firm and the environmental agency has been present in North Sulawesi Province Bolsel. BLH, ​​said ARB, using sophisticated equipment to test water samples.

“They will take samples at all points. That took their samples competent for it,” he said.

If it is proven, said ARB, will be held an open meeting. In it, the results will be announced to the public. “But this aspiration is contained ago. It would be followed up,” he said.

Parindo, coordinator indirect Demo follow the words of the ARB. He questioned the appointment Chairman of the Parliament Bolsel, Marsel Aliu during a meeting at the mine site J Resources Bolaang Mongondow . Aliu, said Parindo promised to collect 20 Bolsel legislators, local government and the mining company. “He said on Thursday. But they do not exist,” he said.

Fadli Toliabu should justify all the board members present. But some other members are called provinces to consult there.

“I got this information BLH eight hours have gone down. We were planning to form a good team executive and the legislature. But not today. We actually still outside the task. For closure, not just any recommendations issued,” he said.

Parindo again voiced that the mine was closed for a while until the investigation get definite results. “The Board shall issue a recommendation closure. But this is not kourum,” he said.

Fish kill found in a canal in Medicina, Bologna, Italy

Fish Kill Alert

Sudden fish deaths was noticed yesterday in Medicine. By way of the Canal, at number 2169, some citizens had gathered to observe the many dead fish were floating on the surface of the channel adjacent to the road.

Have taken place on the Police of the Tendency of Medicine, together with the Municipal Police, the staff of the consortium of Reclamation Rhenish and the Agency’s regional prevention and environment of Emilia-Romagna.

There have been a few samples of the water in the affected area, to shed light on the causes of the incident.


Subject to change

Depth: 9.3 km

Distances: Latitude, Longitude  64.679 -17.460
(5.3 km NE of Bárðarbunga)

Earthquake location   17 Dec 22:00 GMT

Map of earthquake epicentres

Time and magnitude of earthquake   17 Dec 22:00 GMT

Graph showing earthquake timing and magnitude


Subject to change

Depth: 4.4 km

Distances: Latitude, Longitude  64.659 -17.394
(6.7 km ENE of Bárðarbunga)

Earthquake location   17 Dec 22:00 GMT

Map of earthquake epicentres

Time and magnitude of earthquake   17 Dec 22:00 GMT

Graph showing earthquake timing and magnitude


Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 326 km W of Medan, Indonesia / pop: 1,750,971 / local time: 22:24:29.7 2014-12-17
303 km S of Banda Aceh, Indonesia / pop: 250,757 / local time: 22:24:29.7 2014-12-17
75 km NW of Sinabang, Indonesia / pop: 15,000 / local time: 22:24:29.7 2014-12-17

Global viewRegional view


Subject To Change

Depth: 52 km

Distances: 122km (76mi) SSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea
135km (84mi) SSW of Arawa, Papua New Guinea
441km (274mi) SE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
566km (352mi) ESE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea
598km (372mi) WNW of Honiara, Solomon Islands  

Global view

Subject to change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 206 km E of Reykjavík, Iceland / pop: 113,906 / local time: 13:58:51.5 2014-12-17
109 km S of Akureyri / pop: 16,563 / local time: 13:58:00.0 2014-12-17

Global viewRegional view