Hundreds of dead fish found in a stream in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil

Peixes vivos se acumularam na superfície da água em busca de oxigênio (Foto: Paulo Souza/EPTV)

Hundreds of fish were found dead on Wednesday (12) in the stream Retiro Homesick, in Ribeirão Preto (SP). According to technicians of the Environmental Company of São Paulo State (CETESB), the animals died due to low oxygen in the water, caused by environmental factors and by leakage of sewage system on site.

The fish were accumulated in a containment dam at Avenida Maurilio Biagi, next to a university. Because of difficulty breathing, several tilapia focused on the stream surface.         

Alerted to the situation, Cetesb visited the site to assess the water conditions and determine the causes of mortality. According to the environmental technician Sebastian Bonadio, it was found that there is almost no oxygen in the water. “We were assessing the condition of the water and realized it was almost done and the amount of oxygen. Under an oxygen milligram per liter. The ideal for this type of stream is that the level is between three and five milligrams so there living conditions “, he explains.

Also according Bonadio, the situation was a result of high temperatures, heavy rains caused the river bottom of the waste go up to the surface, and the presence of micronutrients due to leaks of sewage. “With this temperature and the possibility of rain, will improve the situation, because it will clean that water. But there is a possibility of further deaths until the situation is normalized, “he points out.

Technical asked the Department of Water and Wastewater (Daerp) that corrections are made on the network.

By phone, Daerp reported that an engineer was sent to the scene to do the inspection on site.

Cetesb asked the Department of the Environment to make the removal of dead fish and are taken to a landfill.

In a statement, Hall said the Coordination of Urban Cleaning will clean until Friday (14).

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