Hundreds of thousands of fish die suddenly in fish farms in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Rain twice in two days in the Gajah Mungkur Solo, Central Java, a catastrophe for farmers fish cages. Hundreds of thousands of fish farming cages died suddenly. Death is due to the supply of oxygen in the water content is not adequate, and also mixing the water with sand.

Fajri, one farmer floating fish cages Gajah Mungkur to Media Indonesia said it is feared the death of the fish will continue, because the rain is believed to still be carrying mud and sand. It’s given the volume of water in the reservoir has not been adequate.

“The rain will come in the next few days, we fear will still add to the number of tilapia and catfish die. Because water reservoir volume shrinkage is still remarkable, and far short of expectations. But we have to admit, this is an annual cycle of any change of seasons or transition, “he added, Wednesday (11/12/2014).

So far, according to Sardi, other cage fish farmers in WGM, there is no alternative solution to anticipate the current fishing mortality transition season. And losses arising from the death of catfish and tilapia in floating cages WGM each year, could reach billions of dollars.

What is clear, WGM floating cage fish farming can only be normal again after the elevation of water reservoirs are in the normal position. Throughout still shrinkage, and was in critical condition such as this, the number of dead fish every day they reach one to two tons.

“Farmers fish cages have experienced huge losses due to the impact of this change of seasons in 1995, in which the number of dead fish reached 100 tonnes,” said Fajri.

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