Thousands of fish, plus birds, otters and turtles dead due to Kerosene leak in Rome, Italy

A lightning flash, a small electric light dives into the water and fishing. Goes back on the perch, around dozens of fish move their tails on the water surface, bent on one side, with gills that are struggling to find the strength to oxygenate the body. Our skilled fisherman is back there, on the branch, but soon begins to have the first symptoms of intoxication. The plumage is switched off, the kerosene gobbled begins to burn the internal organs: after a while, it falls on the edge of the channel and dies. He was a kingfisher, a small colorful bird that lives in marshy places healthier and is the symbol of an environmental tragedy announced: that of Maccarese . It is the emblem of how there are no guarantees for the environment, for the citizens, for biodiversity, where there insist potentially polluting infrastructure like pipelines national.

We are only a few dozen kilometers north of Rome. Here the Venetians in the 20 reclaimed a vast marshy area, place of migrating birds. Today in this campaign will produce large quantities of fruit and vegetables intended for the markets of central and northern Italy. All around a network of canals that encourages resting, feeding and reproduction of many animals that resemble those territories as places historically dedicated to the journey, moving from Europe to Africa and vice versa. Upstream of this rich agricultural biodiversity and the environment is positioned a pipeline, from 2 meters in diameter, of hydrocarbons traveling for a length of 80 km, from Civitavecchia to Fiumicino . A tube bridge to allow planes of the international airport to fill their tanks of thousands of liters of kerosene.

November 9, there were two incidents, one in Palidoro and one in Maccarese , which caused huge spill of fuel. Probably more than 30,000 liters are finished in rio Three spouts. The alarm party late caused the poisoning of miles of canals that join with the river Arrochar to its mouth. We are in the natural state of the Roman coastline; Nearby complement the ecological corridor three oases in management to WWF. And it was the head of the environmentalist to ask for help to us of Lipu because the situation was precipitated. Volunteers needed immediately for groped to recover and rescue some animals still alive.

We arrived last Sunday: Saturday already were collected corpses of birds and mammals “burned” by kerosene , and we realized the gravity of what happened. Thousands of dead fish, mallards, moorhens, cormorants, herons, otters, turtles, shellfish, even a frog, all dead, impregnated with hydrocarbons. A nauseating smell that we took the head. Volunteers Lipu with courage and passion have followed prior to the north and then south to the main channel leading, after working hours, the dead animals for identification and seizure of ritual. The “angels” of Lipu came from Ostia, Civitavecchia, Rome. There were also experts in the wildlife rescue center Lipu of Rome.

Eni said that he had undergone an attempted theft of kerosene by unknown assailants . For now we have to believe it, but a petition signed by me and the president of the WWF will give more force to the prosecutor’s office which is investigating. Now it is necessary that the reclamation is done in a very short time and that Eni endeavors to damages to the town of Fiumicino to restore the ecological balance that was before the accident. The mayor of Fiumicino , after discontinuing hunting and Fishing in the municipal area and have banned the irrigation of fields with water from the drainage canals, is deploying all its institutional powers to defend his territory and we will be at his side to provide the most appropriate scientific expertise and professional .

Now we wait for the operator of the pipeline complete the removal of the kerosene before the bad weather aggravates the situation. Will start immediately after the claim for damages. In this case I hope that common sense triumphs and to avoid going to the civil court, where we know that a cause can last ten years. But Maccarese needs to start now, we can not wait that long. Meanwhile, today we are still in the field to look for injured animals. Yesterday a mallard and a small otter survived intoxication. A sign of hope for this nature too offended by us men.

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