Thousands of fish ‘die suddenly’ in Sragen Regency, Indonesia


Thousands of fish cages owned by farmers in Kedung Ombo (WKO) Ngargotirto Village, District Sumberlawang, Sragen again died suddenly. Earlier in September 2014 and it had occurred sudden fish death. It is not certain because the fish was dead, but provisional estimates due to lack of oxygen.

Village Head Ngargotirto, Sumberlawang, Daryono revealed, dozens of tons of fish belonging to farmers in a village hamlet Ngargotirto died suddenly that most types of tilapia and tombro. While catfish can still survive. As a result of these events is estimated tens of fish farmers lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

“My neighbor who had cages in WKO already told me, but so far there has been no detailed reports. I also have not had time to check the field, “he said, Tuesday (2/12).

Daryono tell from the recognition of a fish farmer, conditions WKO fetid water before the fish died. He said the fish farmers spread in several hamlets, including Hamlet Ngasinan, Canyons Gandul, Spring Bulus, Ngargorejo and Kowang. However, the number of fish farmers most in Hamlet Ngasinan.

While the Head of Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Sragen, Agus Purwanto, claimed to have received a report related to the death of fish in WKO. He claims to have issued a circular (SE) to the fish farmers to immediately harvest of large fish.

Agus explained death of fish in WKO events regularly occur in August and December. The cause is suspected because of the lack of availability of oxygen in the waters.

“It’s also because of the very cold temperature changes. Usually these fish die midnight. Occurs vertical vortex of water that raised the mud at the bottom of the reservoir to the surface of the water, so that the oxygen depleted, “said Agus.

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