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Mass die off of fish in Yongkang City, China


Recently, Baita village, Yongkang Jeong, who claim the East side streets collecting of fisheries damages 12000 Yuan. The fishermen moved to say “depends entirely on the Government give us a primary. Or our years of hard toil was in vain.

Baita village of Dongcheng Street, Yongkang industrial area, Kowloon side. Zheng, Xu and other 10 families in the village this year make more than 20 acres of fish culture in paddy fields. Due to water and dry, from upstream drains channel water to irrigate the fields. Subsequently, a number of farmed fish die-offs, lost more than a million. After receiving the complaint, immediately in conjunction with the recycling station in the city, Yongkang fishery station East Street Office issues sent its staff to mediation.

Crime scene investigation found that industrial parks are more than 20 enterprises, intercepting nanotubes facility is under construction. Most manufacturers have pollution prevention facilities, there are few sewage discharge. While universal auto maintenance tools company, Kang Xu industrial doors and other enterprises are lax and the water into the gutter. Saliva samples of water testing laboratory, PH value, total phosphorus, heavy metals in varying degrees, and its harm to fish in accordance with characteristics of fish poisoning, has been identified as the main cause of the dead fish in paddy field. Responsible parties also agree to this conclusion. Yongkang fishery station shall make from the above 2 illegal polluters, each 6000 Yuan of compensation paid to the injured party to decide. Yongkang City Environmental Protection Department also gives a relatively fine. Fish Tin pollution also questioned rice laundry processing factories, is further verification.


4,000 Birds killed due to avian flu in Miyazaki, Japan

H5N1 Virus Alert

Japan has culled around 4,000 chickens following an outbreak of bird flu at a poultry farm in the southwest of the country.

Three birds tested positive for the highly pathogenic H5 strain of avian influenza at the site in Miyazaki prefecture, and an official said on Tuesday that all birds were subsequently slaughtered.

The local government also asked nearby poultry farms to restrict movements of livestock, the official said.

There is believed to be no risk of the virus spreading to humans through consumption of chicken eggs or meat, he said.

Miyazaki Prefecture is Japan’s top producer of broiler chickens, raising about 28 million birds, or around 20 per cent of all chickens in Japan, according to an official at the Agricultural Ministry.

In April, Japan confirmed its first bird flu case in livestock since 2011 at a farm in Kumamoto prefecture, southwestern Japan.

Bird flu, or avian flu, is an infectious viral illness that spreads among birds. In rare cases it can affect humans and two types have caused serious concern in recent years. These are the H5N1 and H7N9 viruses.

Last month 6,000 birds were culled at a duck breeding farm in Yorkshire after an outbreak of avian flu. However, the strain was not deemed a threat to humans.

Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Fish Kill Alert

A technical committee today investigates the strange death of thousands of fish in a major river in the department of Santa Cruz, in eastern Bolivia, during the weekend.

According to Eber Menacho, departmental director of Natural Resources, the team is deployed to the Rio Grande, and will seek the causes of the incident on suspicion of water pollution.

However, residents of communities located close to the river also ensure that the animals possibly suffocated by the high volume of mud, dragged after torrential rains in recent days.

This is the second case of dead fish reported in Bolivia in less than a week.

Last Tuesday, agricultural authorities of the department of Oruro found thousands of species dead on the shores of Lake Poopó, considered the second largest in the country after Titicaca.

That event will affect more than 780 thousand fishing families with low production in the coming years, as the fish were on procreation age.

300,000 salmon dead due to invasion of Jellyfish in the Western Isles, Scotland

A  jellyfish invasion in the Western Isles has wiped out nearly 300,000 young salmon worth around £1m.

Thousands of tiny mauve stinger jellyfish squeezed through protective nets at the Loch Duart fish farm on Loch Maddy.

Some injured salmon survived the attack at the North Uist fish farm on November 19, only to be killed by stormy weather.

Nick Joy, managing director of Loch Duart, said it was a “terrible blow” but added that the company’s future is not in jeopardy.

He said: “We have seen these jellyfish before but not in such large numbers and in each case, though the fish have been disturbed, they have survived the encounter.

“The fish looked very distressed and were shoaling poorly and slowly. It was also clear that some had died though at this stage, not a significant number.

“My immediate view was that though the fish had been sorely tried, the majority of them would have survived as long as the weather gave them some peace to rest.”

Extreme weather which hit the Western Isles in late November caused further damage to Loch Duart’s stocks.

Mr Joy said: “The poor fish unable to swim well were trapped against the net and a very significant number died. We have now removed almost all of the dead fish and only about half remain.

“Salmon farming is a hard, dangerous job and in our company it requires the highest level of empathy with the fish that we grow.”

The same species of jellyfish decimated Northern Ireland’s only salmon farm in 2007. More than 100,000 fish worth around £1m were destroyed at the farm near Glenarm Bay.

In October last year, nearly half the salmon at a sea farm in County Mayo in Ireland were wiped out when 20,000 fish were killed in a jellyfish attack.

In 2002, thousands of solmaris jellyfish killed one million salmon at fish farms in the Western Isles. Fish valued around £3m were destroyed in sea lochs at Leurbost, Gravir and Loch Erisort off Lewis.

Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Pelalawan, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

At least thousands more fish tail was found dead floating along the Kampar River, starting from the village of Kuala Tolam, Stimulation and Sungai Ara Village, District Pelalawan. Not yet known, the exact cause of death of the fish.

From the information summarized by, the death of the fish incident flow along the Kampar River, which crosses the village of Kuala Tolam, Stimulation and Sungai Ara village began on Wednesday (12/10/2014) then.

“To this day there is still a dead fish float, although the amount is not as much as yesterday. Kejadianya’s been four days and we do not know what the exact cause flotation of these fish,” said village chief stimuli, Khairat, Sunday (12/14/2014 ).

Described Khairat, from all kinds of fish were found floating dead in the Kampar River are the types of fish that lives at the bottom of the river.

“The fish that died this kind of fish that lives in the river or fishing grounds,” he explained.

Khairat further mention, some basic types of fish found floating dead fish that include such Wajang, Senggarat, Tapa and fish Botot.

“This includes a very unusual occurrence. It has never been anything dead fish in this river, but not this bad,” he said.

More or less the same thing delivered by Jefri, the village head Ara River. Jefri’s knowledge, the number of dead fish floating in the Kampar River flow allegedly due to river water contaminated by waste.

“This could be the result of waste. Yes, if the computed-ditung, residents have been getting hundreds of pounds of fish were floating in the river,” said Jefri.

According to him, the dead fish incident allegedly due to waste, because it does not usually happen in this peritiswa Ara River. The incident is the first time this has happened in their village.

Author: Farikhin

18 turtles found dead along the coast of Rimini, Italy

Unfortunately continue to increase the occurrence of turtles that are stranded on the coast of Rimini. Today, four of which were 18 in Riccione, two in Torre Pedrera, two in Rimini and in Igea, where a second reported was not found again. Numbers away from November 2013, when in a single day in Rimini is spiaggiarono 42 turtles, but worrying. These are animals that died at different times – says the president of the Foundation Cetacea Sauro Pari – whose concentration “is a plausible explanation in the heavy seas of these days.”

A Cervia, a few steps from a large tortoise, was also a baby dolphin beached in an advanced state of decomposition. Thanking the people for the messages that are helpful for the work of the Harbor and the Regional Network of Marine Turtles, on whose behalf the Cetacean Foundation intervenes, Pari also highlights how animals beached not go absolutely touched “and for health reasons , may cause the onset of serious illnesses, which for legal reasons: Sea turtles are protected species in the CITES list. Who should trafugarli or hold them, living or dead, is punishable by fines very salty.”

Severe snow storm to target Sweden

Snow Alert

The Swedish weather agency has issued a warning for heavy snow in Sweden’s east and near north on Christmas Eve as a winter takes a belated grip on the country.
Hard winds and heavy snow will hit both Uppsala county and Västernorrland on Christmas Eve carrying with it the risk of snow drifts. The coast of Uppland could be in line for some 10 centimetres of the white fluffy stuff.
“There is a snow area over Västernorrland, which will move south during the day and into Uppland. It could lead to tricky road conditions with some local areas of ice,”  said Alexandra Ohlsson, meteorologist at SMHI.
Three class 1 warnings (on an ascending scale of three) have been issued in Västernorrland, Uppsala and Stockholm.
But despite the snowy weather it appears that only those in Norrland will get to enjoy a “real” Christmas with cold temperatures and enough snow to build snowmen in the garden. Further south the day is expected to serve up a dish of rain with the mercury remaining above zero.
“The snow line is currently a bit north of Lake Vänern and then up towards Värmland and Gastrikland. It’s a little uncertain if more will get snow during the day, above all, it is uncertain how much will settle,” said Alexandra Ohlsson.
All those celebrating Christmas in northern Norrland can however expect temperatures of minus 15-20 with plenty of snow promised along the Swedish highland areas – a welcome respite for the tourism industry whose snow production has been hampered by a warm December.



***BE ALERT***

Magnetogram 24.12.14  21.18 hrs UTC


Subject to change

Depth: 7.2 km

Distances: Latitude, Longitude  64.660 -17.391
(6.9 km ENE of Bárðarbunga)

Earthquake location   24 Dec 20:55 GMT

Map of earthquake epicentres

Time and magnitude of earthquake   24 Dec 20:55 GMT

Graph showing earthquake timing and magnitude


Subject to change

Depth: 4.1 km

Distances: Latitude, Longitude  64.667 -17.454
(4.6 km NE of Bárðarbunga)

Earthquake location   24 Dec 20:55 GMT

Map of earthquake epicentres

Time and magnitude of earthquake   24 Dec 20:55 GMT

Graph showing earthquake timing and magnitude