18 turtles found dead along the coast of Rimini, Italy

Unfortunately continue to increase the occurrence of turtles that are stranded on the coast of Rimini. Today, four of which were 18 in Riccione, two in Torre Pedrera, two in Rimini and in Igea, where a second reported was not found again. Numbers away from November 2013, when in a single day in Rimini is spiaggiarono 42 turtles, but worrying. These are animals that died at different times – says the president of the Foundation Cetacea Sauro Pari – whose concentration “is a plausible explanation in the heavy seas of these days.”

A Cervia, a few steps from a large tortoise, was also a baby dolphin beached in an advanced state of decomposition. Thanking the people for the messages that are helpful for the work of the Harbor and the Regional Network of Marine Turtles, on whose behalf the Cetacean Foundation intervenes, Pari also highlights how animals beached not go absolutely touched “and for health reasons , may cause the onset of serious illnesses, which for legal reasons: Sea turtles are protected species in the CITES list. Who should trafugarli or hold them, living or dead, is punishable by fines very salty.”



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