Mass die off of fish in Yongkang City, China


Recently, Baita village, Yongkang Jeong, who claim the East side streets collecting of fisheries damages 12000 Yuan. The fishermen moved to say “depends entirely on the Government give us a primary. Or our years of hard toil was in vain.

Baita village of Dongcheng Street, Yongkang industrial area, Kowloon side. Zheng, Xu and other 10 families in the village this year make more than 20 acres of fish culture in paddy fields. Due to water and dry, from upstream drains channel water to irrigate the fields. Subsequently, a number of farmed fish die-offs, lost more than a million. After receiving the complaint, immediately in conjunction with the recycling station in the city, Yongkang fishery station East Street Office issues sent its staff to mediation.

Crime scene investigation found that industrial parks are more than 20 enterprises, intercepting nanotubes facility is under construction. Most manufacturers have pollution prevention facilities, there are few sewage discharge. While universal auto maintenance tools company, Kang Xu industrial doors and other enterprises are lax and the water into the gutter. Saliva samples of water testing laboratory, PH value, total phosphorus, heavy metals in varying degrees, and its harm to fish in accordance with characteristics of fish poisoning, has been identified as the main cause of the dead fish in paddy field. Responsible parties also agree to this conclusion. Yongkang fishery station shall make from the above 2 illegal polluters, each 6000 Yuan of compensation paid to the injured party to decide. Yongkang City Environmental Protection Department also gives a relatively fine. Fish Tin pollution also questioned rice laundry processing factories, is further verification.

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