Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Pelalawan, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

At least thousands more fish tail was found dead floating along the Kampar River, starting from the village of Kuala Tolam, Stimulation and Sungai Ara Village, District Pelalawan. Not yet known, the exact cause of death of the fish.

From the information summarized by, the death of the fish incident flow along the Kampar River, which crosses the village of Kuala Tolam, Stimulation and Sungai Ara village began on Wednesday (12/10/2014) then.

“To this day there is still a dead fish float, although the amount is not as much as yesterday. Kejadianya’s been four days and we do not know what the exact cause flotation of these fish,” said village chief stimuli, Khairat, Sunday (12/14/2014 ).

Described Khairat, from all kinds of fish were found floating dead in the Kampar River are the types of fish that lives at the bottom of the river.

“The fish that died this kind of fish that lives in the river or fishing grounds,” he explained.

Khairat further mention, some basic types of fish found floating dead fish that include such Wajang, Senggarat, Tapa and fish Botot.

“This includes a very unusual occurrence. It has never been anything dead fish in this river, but not this bad,” he said.

More or less the same thing delivered by Jefri, the village head Ara River. Jefri’s knowledge, the number of dead fish floating in the Kampar River flow allegedly due to river water contaminated by waste.

“This could be the result of waste. Yes, if the computed-ditung, residents have been getting hundreds of pounds of fish were floating in the river,” said Jefri.

According to him, the dead fish incident allegedly due to waste, because it does not usually happen in this peritiswa Ara River. The incident is the first time this has happened in their village.

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