Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

FISHY BUSINESS: Alex Glover stumbled upon hundreds of dead fish at Rockhampton’s Ski Gardens.WHEN Alex Glover took his dog for an afternoon walk to the Rockhampton Ski Gardens on Wednesday, he stumbled upon something fishy.Alex and his two friends saw what appeared to be hundreds of “white dots” floating on the waters of the Fitzroy River.

When they went closer to check it out, he realised those white dots were hundreds of dead fish.

Alex, 22, said the place smelt “a bit off” when he made his way towards water’s edge but he never expected to see the river full of dead fish.

“When I walked towards the Ski Gardens I thought the bad smell was floodwater,” he said.

“But when I got closer to the water I realised the white dots on the water were fish. I saw them all at once and instantly thought something in the water had poisoned them due to the amount of dead fish.

“I took some photos on my phone and posted them to Facebook. Heaps of people commented on the photos and said it might have been from the floodwater and from all of the rain.”

A spokesperson from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) released a statement to the Bulletin yesterday.

The spokesperson said EHP had not received any reports of fish deaths in the vicinity of the Ski Gardens section of the Fitzroy River.

However, they had received a report of dead fish in Rockhampton’s Yeppen Lagoon on Wednesday. EHP officers had inspected the area and took water samples for analysis.

“Initial results found low dissolved oxygen levels in the water,” the spokesperson said.

“Other samples have been sent to a laboratory for further analysis. Recent high temperatures and a significantly increased in-flow to the lagoon may have contributed to the low oxygen levels.

“EHP will investigate the fish deaths in the vicinity of the Ski Gardens in the Fitzroy River.”

Courtesy of The Morning Bulletin

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