Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys over 50 houses in Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa

Disaster Alert

From worries that rain may not come this year now to worries brought about by disasters caused by the same much anticipated rain, this is the situation at Group Village Headman Senda and surrounding villages in Traditional Authority Kalumbu, in Lilongwe, where over 50 houses have been destroyed.

One of the victims, a blind woman who has lost a home built for her by her children

“It was Saturday afternoon when rain started falling as normal but within minutes thunder, hailstones and a strong storm, all combined, descended on this village so strong and dark that we couldn’t see even the next house,” described Group Village Headman Senda.

He said when it was over, the destruction was enormous: “The rainstorm has destroyed many things; 35 houses, 20 roofed with corrugated iron sheets and 15 grass thatched houses in this village alone, bags of fertilizer have been dissolved, maize flour, clothes, blankets and other household items.”

Group Village Headman Senda is also a victim of the hailstorm

He said the village has about 400 adults and all of them are affected in one way or another by this disaster. Many of them are now homeless and they ‘pack’ themselves in few remaining houses to sleep in the night.

According to Group Village Headman Senda, the rainstorm which has killed two goats and injured a young girl in his village, has also destroyed houses in Kalazi and Kayabwa villages in the same area.

Pathetic scenes of Senda village

The chief appealed to government and organizations to come to their rescue soon so that they can continue with their farming activities to avoid food shortage next year.

He emphasized that the immediate needs of the villagers are food stuffs, materials to rebuild their houses and household items.

Courtesy of Nyasa Times


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