Major snow storm strikes Northern Arizona, USA

Winter Storm

A major winter storm dropping snow across northern Arizona created hazardous driving conditions across some major freeways Wednesday.
Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Raul Garcia said officers have been responding to dozens of incidents involving vehicles colliding or sliding along freeways. But no fatalities have been reported, Garcia said. Most of them occurred near the city of Kingman along Interstate 40 and other highways.
A winter storm warning was in effect until midday Thursday for northern and eastern parts of the state, along with the mountains in the southeastern section.
People hoping to head from the Phoenix area north to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve were out of luck Wednesday morning. The Arizona Department of Transportation closed northbound traffic lanes on US 93, the highway connecting the two cities, in Wikieup because of poor driving conditions. Southbound lanes were still open, but drivers should anticipate delays, officials said.
Parts of the Flagstaff area had up to 5 inches of snow by midmorning. Forecasters predict calls for accumulations of 9 to 15 inches by late Thursday. Several businesses and government offices opted to close early Wednesday including Flagstaff City Hall.
An overnight freeze warning has been issued for Phoenix which was getting rain Wednesday morning.
Courtesy of Tucson News

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One response to “Major snow storm strikes Northern Arizona, USA”

  1. Rosita Force says :

    My daughter and I were stranded on I-40 West for 11hrs. What Raul Garcia doesn’t say is that the Arizona DOT just abandoned the thousands of families on the top of mountains. The entire time we were stranded on that interstate we saw only 2 snow trucks. Raul Garcia appears ill-equipped for such an important job.
    How can Raul Garcia fail to state that from Fllagstaff to Kingman the interstate was bumper to bumper.. That’s 80 miles- approximately 5,000 people had there lives in jeopardy. When Raul closed that interstate he left us all to fend for ourselves. Happy New Year to you Mr. Garcia.

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