Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Jabalpur, India

Hanumantal Saturday morning in thousands of small and big fish Utrati eye condition Arin dead. The news spread in the area in a hurry and got people throng the lake shore. JMC in the first degree of the health official cause of death of fish in the pond water shortages or pollution told Aaksijn. JMC’s staff has been off for cleaning the pond.

Kshetriyjnon death of so many fish in the pond is fear. Added, raising fears of people in pond water are poisoned. While in terms of elders too much last night because of fog in the pond water fish have died from lack of Aaksijn. Of people today live in fear of poison pond appeared hesitant.

Due to the death of fish in the water shortage may Aaksijn. It may also be responsible for the pollution or it is feared that someone has found something Visalni in pond water. Water Department will investigate. Dr Vinod Shrivastava, Medic JMC

Courtesy of Pradesh Today

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