Thousands of fish have died in Sher Shah lake in India

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of fish have died in historical Sher Shah Suri Lake in Lal Bangla area of the city since Sunday evening.

Local corporator Aditya Shukla said that residents of the area saw dead fish floating in Sher Shah Suri lake. “Again on Monday morning, we found thousands of fish lying motionless in the river,” he added.

A team from the zonal office of Kanpur Municipal Corporation visited the spot and spread chlorine in the lake.

The residents expressed apprehension about the fish being given poison which proved fatal. “There may be chances of fish being poisoned as even big fish too have died. The count being high and it is not possible for pollutant or contamination in water to cause such a high number of deaths,” they added.

The municipal authorities had assured for cleanliness of the lake but action was missing. After much persuasion, sanitary workers sprinkled chlorine in the lake.

The locals helplessly watched the fish dying. According to residents, over a quintal of dead fish were taken out from the lake on Monday evening and buried in four big pits near the water body.

The locals were seen using submersible pumps to rotate water in the lake.

Courtesy of The Times Of India

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