Massive hailstorm leaves destruction across many parts of Nagpur, India

The Second Capital City of Maharashtra, Nagpur on Sunday evening was bruised and battered by the brief spell of heavy unseasonal rains accompanied by hailstorm that caught citizens unaware and left a trail of destruction. The strong winds and grape-sized hails smashed windows, flattened dozens of trees and dented several vehicles following the nature’s fury. However, the toll of casualty or injury to citizens could not be ascertained till the filing of this report.
The heavy rain wreaked havoc in rural areas of Nagpur District as well and caused damage to crops, private and public property.
What made matters worse was the hailstorm. Road traffic came to a grinding halt due to poor visibility. Citizens stated that the rains gained in intensity after 4.30 pm and people started running for cover as the winds were literally forcing lightweight items to move around with its force.
Reports of fire and emergency services personnel put on the toes and gearing up to tackle any untoward incident flooded Nagpur Today.
hailstom,  raining & rainbow (7)
It was also revealed that roof tiles of several houses were blown off with the winds. Electricity was also cut off in several localities causing further inconvenience to the citizens. Adding to the woes the low-lying areas of city saw water gushing and logging in front of houses. Roads too were flooded pushing the vehicle owners in ‘troubled waters.’
The land of Nagpur city turned a carpet of white marbles raising curiosity of many who were witnessing the phenomenon for the first time in their lives. Kids and even elders scurried to gather the grape-sized hails not worrying the injuries it may cause. The proud collection was displayed by many with their hands full of the white stuff.
Pleasantly, the picture changed rapidly after ceasing of nature’s fury. A spectrum of fascinating rainbow dotted the skies forcing the citizens to forget the pain caused by heavy rains and hailstorm.
hailstom,  raining & rainbow (4)
hailstom,  raining & rainbow (3)
hailstom,  raining & rainbow (2)
hailstom,  raining & rainbow (1)
hailstom,  raining & rainbow (12)
hailstom,  raining & rainbow (11)
hailstom,  raining & rainbow (10)
Courtesy of Nagpur Today

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