Hundreds of sea birds found dead on a beach in northern Iceland

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“There were hundreds of dead black birds, I do not know many. Th­ere were a few meters from their carcass 1-2 km secti­on, “said Gunn­ar Oli Há­kon­ar­son, far­mer Sandi Aðaldal­ur. He went along with William Jónas­son on Síla­læk ye­ar­ly win­ter bird counts at year-end. They went to the sands of the sea bottom Skjalf­andi. Dead birds were just east of us Skjálf­andafljót.

“The back­bo­ne of this was little auk, th­ere was a consi­dera­ble num­ber of guil­lemots. Th­ere was a party, a lot of owl and svart­bak come to this and rebbi was also arri­ved, “said Gunn­ar Oli. Dead birds were not­hing but skin and bo­nes and fam­ine had proba­bly worn them too strong. He believed that the most likely explanati­on would be prima facie. Gunn­ar Oli drove along the co­ast just east of the ri­ver Laxá but did not see as many dead birds th­ere.

“You ever sees any of the dead birds, but I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve also never thoug­ht so much of the owl in this area in the win­ter bird counts now. They were sixteen but usually one sees not any one or two. “Gunn­ar Oli said in Dec­em­ber had been very pers­istent and west norðvest­an­rok reg­i­on and birds proba­bly do not have any food.

Böðvar Þóris­son, ex­ecuti­ve director of the Natural History Centre, said the announcement had been auk de­ath in Isa­fjor­d­ur Fjords earlier this month. He said that a lot had been auk in the fjords of late, both guil­lemot and little auk. Cliffs De­ath now app­eared, however, be small in comp­ari­son to the falls which was ne­ar­ly ten ye­ars.

“Garden birds here in town that now Gulls,” said Árni Ásgeirs­son, a bi­olog­ist at the Uni­versity Centre in. Gulls have beg­un to app­ly the feed is broug­ht out for the sparrows. Árni said this be dif­f­erent from the men should be used.

“Sail­ors say the seagulls are very hard to access to reach the bait when shut line. It seems that little food is for the gulls. Per­haps th­ere are too many Gulls in the reg­i­on because of the way the situati­on was Kolgrafaf­irði. ”
Seems const­antly be look­ing for food
“It is here quite life but do not see the conditi­on of the birds from a dist­ance,” said Robert A. Stef­áns­son, director of the Natural West. Lately he thoug­ht the birds in the nort­hern Snæ­fells­nes.

Robert said that one could deduce from the behavi­or of gulls to the lack of food. He said hafn­ar­vörður in town that had become was feeble gulls on the pier seemed to be about to die. Attempts have been made to give them and even take them into the hou­se.

“They seem to const­antly be look­ing for food, fly over the town and bring in the parks if people throw somet­hing out. It is un­usual and could indica­te that th­ere is less to nature than usual, “said Robert.

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