8 Million+ animals died in 2014 alone from vehicles in Belgium

On Belgian roads last year to 8 million animals hit. Which amounts to 21,000 animals per day. According to a study of environmental association Natuurpunt commissioned by the Flemish Government.
A total of 19,000 kilometers of roads were mapped by 77 volunteers in 2300 counts. The estimate of 8 million animals is a lower limit. There are large differences between the counts that volunteers did the bike and the numbers of dead animals that the volunteers who went out on foot research observed.
Based on counts of cyclists it comes to 8 million dead animals. If all counts were carried out on foot, this number had increased to even 27 million hit animals in one year.
The reason that so many animals are hit mainly to do with the road network. Our southern neighbors have densest road network in Europe. Thus, a animal in nature in Belgium on average every 300 meters a piece of asphalt against. Hedgehogs, foxes and toads are most often the victims of traffic.
Recent figures about the amount of fatalities among animals in the Netherlands are not there, but it was estimated in 1999 that annual 100000-300000 hedgehogs are flattened. Among birds , the numbers between 2 to 8.7 million.
Courtesy of piepvandaag.nl

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