Changes in Animal Activity Prior to a Major (M=7) Earthquake in the Peruvian Andes — ScienceDirect


24th August 2011.

A solar wind stream hit Earth’s magnetic field during the early hours of August 24th, sparking geomagnetic activity around the Arctic Circle. “Bright, fast-moving auroras lit up the sky just after midnight,”[…]

Hours after impact, the solar wind is still blowing at high speed (500+ km/s) but the density of the wind is declining rapidly.

A growing coronal hole in the northern solar hemisphere was in an earth facing position as shown above. Sunspot number was relative low at 81, radio flux 104. The magnetic ‘jolt’ from a dense plasma stream was enough to allow a weakening fault to release. At 17:46:10 UTC an
M7.0 earthquake occured in Contamana, Northeast Peru. Animals appear far more aware than concensus scientists [my emphasis]


Distinct pre-earthquake changes in the behaviour of wild animals in National Park.

Starting 20-23 days before M=7 earthquake, most pronounced during last…

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