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Earthquake Swarm


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Severe flooding kills 20 in Pakistan’s Peshawar

Severe Flood Warning

At least 20 people have died in flooding caused by heavy rains in the capital of the northwestern Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a police official says.
Mian Syed, a senior Pakistani police official, said on Sunday that approximately 100 others suffered injuries as a result of the flooding in Peshawar.
The police official said dozens of houses collapsed due to the heavy rains and winds in the city.
Several main roads were also reportedly blocked with fallen trees and mobile phone towers in the city.
A Pakistani man carries his injured daughter at a hospital following heavy rain and winds in Peshawar on April 26, 2015. ©AFP
Reports added that the depth of flood waters reached three feet (one meter) in some parts of the city.
Riaz Khan Mehsud, a senior local government official, confirmed the casualties, saying the number of the dead and injured people was expected to rise.
Rains and flash floods hit the Pakistani province of Punjab and the disputed Indian-administered Kashmir in September 2014, claiming the lives of hundreds of people, washing away crops, damaging tens of thousands of houses, and affecting a total of over a million people.
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Explosive gases and ashes at Volcano Tungurahua in Ecuador

Volcano Alert

The Geophysics Ecuadorian Institute reported today a high seismic activity in the Tungurahua volcano area.
The volcano has 5 thousand meters of altitude and it was detected constant tremors because of the expulsion of gases and ashes.
The Tungurahua volcano is located 180 kilometers to the south of the capital Quito, and there were clouds of ashes hitting the areas of Contapamba, Pillate, Romero and Guambalo, and also Quero, Bilbao and Chontapamba.
According to the Institute the Tungurahua started its most recent eruptive process started in 1999 and from then on it has had periods of high activity and calm.
This volcano is one of the 50 in existence in Ecuador and together with Reventador and Sangay, are of those most active.
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Mysterious ‘god’ cloud and lightning appear over Chilean volcano

A MYSTERIOUS “god like” person has appeared in a cloud following the Calbuco volcano eruption in Chile. The photo, which shows a cloud that resembles a human-like figure, is believed to be a sign from the gods by locals after the volcano blew for the first time in 40 years.
On Wednesday local time, a state of emergency was declared in the town after the volcano violently erupted, sending ash soaring into the stratosphere. The eruption itself wasn’t anticipated by either the government or scientists.
Above the mysterious cloud, the eruption showed one of the most dazzling light displays the world has ever seen. Huge lightning strikes were caused as the volcano erupted due to particles mixing together in liquid and ice states. These then cause an electrical charge to build up, just like it does in a typical thunderstorm.
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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 26km (16mi) ENE of Nagarkot, Nepal
29km (18mi) ENE of Banepa, Nepal
33km (21mi) NE of Panaoti, Nepal
46km (29mi) E of Kathmandu, Nepal
47km (29mi) ENE of Patan, Nepal

Map showing extent (w,s,e,n) = (80.7818, 22.7657, 90.7818, 32.765699999999995)


Subject To Change

Depth: 92 km

Distances: 758 km SW of Sucre, Bolivia / pop: 224,838 / local time: 11:34:47.6 2015-04-26
216 km SE of Antofagasta, Chile / pop: 309,832 / local time: 11:34:47.6 2015-04-26
170 km E of Taltal / pop: 10,018 / local time: 11:34:00.0 2015-04-26

Global viewRegional view


Subject To Change

Depth: 57 km

Distances: 77km (48mi) SSW of Painan, Indonesia
110km (68mi) S of Padang, Indonesia
133km (83mi) W of Sungaipenuh, Indonesia
136km (85mi) SSW of Solok, Indonesia
541km (336mi) SW of Singapore, Singapore

Map showing extent (w,s,e,n) = (95.1963, -6.9398, 105.1963, 3.0602)


Subject To Change

Depth: 29 km

Distances: 606 km S of Makassar, Indonesia / pop: 1,321,717 / local time: 18:38:00.0 2015-04-26
352 km W of Kupang, Indonesia / pop: 282,396 / local time: 18:38:00.0 2015-04-26
98 km S of Waingapu, Indonesia / pop: 48,828 / local time: 18:38:00.0 2015-04-26

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Subject To Change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 111 km W of Shīrāz, Iran / pop: 1,249,942 / local time: 14:07:28.8 2015-04-26
71 km NE of Bandar Būshehr, Iran / pop: 165,377 / local time: 14:07:28.8 2015-04-26
23 km E of Borāzjān, Iran / pop: 86,059 / local time: 14:07:28.8 2015-04-26

Global viewRegional view

Dauphin Island Regatta: Two Dead, Five Missing in Alabama After Boats Capsize

Five sailors are still missing after a number of sailboats capsized when a sudden storm hit during a regatta near Mobile Bay, Alabama, Saturday afternoon, leaving at least two people dead, officials said Sunday.
Coast Guard crews scouring the waters found one body on Saturday night and another on Sunday morning after the thunderstorm threw several mariners overboard, said U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Duke Walker. Of the ten boats that capsized or suffered damage, three were participating in one of the races that was part of the Dauphin Island Sailing Regatta, Walker said.
Walker said that 40 people had been rescued from the water after the 4:30 p.m. storm, and the Coast Guard believes five people remained missing Sunday.
“We think we are looking for five additional people in the water but we are still pulling for information,” he said.
Dauphin Island Mayor Jeff Collier said he didn’t know how many boats were in the water when winds of up to 80 mph rolled in, but he said usually 150 boats compete in the event.
Connor Gaston, who was participating in the race with his father, said his uncle’s boat was in front of them. Gaston said their boat didn’t capsize, but his uncle’s boat did. “He was only a half mile ahead of us, but we couldn’t see him when he went over because it was raining so hard,” Gaston said.
Gaston said his uncle was rescued and he and his father weren’t hurt, but his cousin suffered a serious arm injury.
“The wind picked up super, super fast when the storm was coming through,” he said. “It was the most wind I have seen in my life.”
The Coast Guard has deployed one patrol boat, four response boats, three helicopter crews and a surveillance aircraft to help local authorities with the search efforts, according to a statement.
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