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Magnetogram 30.04.15  23.09 hrs UTC

‘Car-Sized’ meteor hurtles to Earth exploding with force of ‘atomic bomb’ over UK and Ireland

The meteor is believed to have broken off an asteroid
Footage of the “car-sized” meteorite burning up in the atmosphere was so good because it was destroyed much lower than the usual 50 to 70 miles up. 
Experts believe it broke off an asteroid in orbit between Mars and Jupiter and headed towards earth at 100,000mph.
Fragments of the rock which made it to Earth are worth ten times the price of gold.
The video was recorded by the United Kingdom Meteor Observing Network in Portadown, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, on Sunday at around 10.10pm.
David Moore from Astronomy Ireland said: “This event was so bright that a piece or pieces may have survived the re-entry and landed as extremely rare and valuable meteorites.”
Amateur enthusiasts hoping for a quick buck by finding a piece may be out of luck though as they suspect from the trajectory it travelled any pieces would now be at the bottom of the Irish sea.
The meteorite reportedly lit-up much of Ireland and parts of northern England “like daylight” for about five seconds.
According to witnesses the light was so intense the Irish Coast Guard alerted experts at Astronomy Ireland.
Now astronomy Ireland wants all witnesses to the meteorite to become forward, particularly anyone else who filmed or photographed the rare event.
Mr Moore told the Irish Times it would have exploded with the power of a WWII atomic bomb and experts believe based on witness accounts so far it must have been the size of a car.
He said: “If you were in space looking down, you would have seen Ireland lit up for a few seconds. People in urban areas with their lights on watching their TVs with windows facing the right direction have reported seeing it.
“We are desperately seeking people to fill out the report form on The sad fact is less than one in a hundred people in every single event like this ever fills in the form.
“There has to be dozens, if not hundreds, of records of this fireball seen on Irish cameras on Sunday night, and to date we’ve only ever received one video report.”
Referring to the value of any pieces, which fell to Earth, he joked: “If a meteorite doesn’t kill you and it lands in front of you, you’re very lucky.”
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Depth: 40 km

Distances: 267 km NE of Sendai-shi, Japan / pop: 1,037,562 / local time: 01:09:52.7 2015-04-30
148 km E of Morioka-shi, Japan / pop: 295,172 / local time: 01:09:52.7 2015-04-30
92 km NE of Miyako, Japan / pop: 51,721 / local time: 01:09:52.7 2015-04-30

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Bird flu epidemic becoming critical in parts of USA

Epidemic Alert

Wisconsin’s poultry farms are under a state of emergency, declared this past week by Gov. Scott Walker. National Guard forces are helping as avian flu spreads. As of late Tuesday, yet another Wisconsin turkey flock had been decimated with the H5 avian influenza virus – an 87,000-bird turkey flock in Chippewa County. As of that date, there were four known cases of the virus in Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. The latest count shows more than 7 million poultry affected across the Midwest, with numerous farms added to the list each day. Iowa has destroyed millions of chickens, and Minnesota, which has also declared a state of emergency, has also destroyed millions of birds. Sunday, the Minnesota National Guard was called up in an attempt to contain the epidemic.
Meanwhile the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta is scrambling to study the family of viruses to determine if a spread to humans is likely. Poultry workers are now being tested for the virus, and the CDC is recommending disinfecting all property and persons who have been around poultry. While transmission of avian flu from birds to humans has been rare in the United States, it has happened in Asia and Africa. The current strains are highly pathogenic strains of bird flu, meaning they are deadly to birds – and could possibly affect humans.
“It is possible that the process of genetic re-assortment could occur in a person who is co-infected with an avian influenza A virus and a human influenza A virus,” according to the CDC. “The genetic information in these viruses could re-assort to create a new influenza A virus with a gene from the avian virus and other genes from the human virus. Influenza A viruses with (the avian virus gene) against which humans have little or no immunity that have re-assorted with a human influenza virus are more likely to result in sustained human-to-human transmission and pose a major public-health threat of pandemic influenza. Therefore, careful evaluation of influenza A viruses recovered from humans who are infected with avian influenza A viruses is very important to identify re-assortment if it occurs.
“Although it is unusual for people to get influenza virus infections directly from animals, sporadic human infections and outbreaks caused by certain avian influenza A viruses and swine influenza A viruses have been reported.”
The CDC has isolated a strain of the H5N2 virus for potential use in a human vaccine, should one be needed. The names of these viruses indicate their origins. The H parts, which are highly pathogenic in poultry, originated in Asia, and the N parts come from North American avian flu viruses. U.S. Department of Agriculture officials say they are still seeing H5N8, the first virus, but they have now identified two strains of mixed-origin viruses, both of them highly pathogenic – H5N2 and H5N1. The latter virus has been found in a handful of recent cases. Both the USDA and the CDC are investigating the new mixed viruses to learn whether they could mutate and attack humans. In the past, while rare, bird flu has passed to humans. At that point, mutations become extremely dangerous.
Investigators are wearing full-protection suits with ventilators while at poultry farms cleaning and destroying birds. The CDC is also working to have the government’s stockpile of the antiviral drug Tamiflu released in order to be used for this outbreak. Hundreds of people who have been exposed to sick birds have been told to take Tamiflu as a precaution.
At the site of the newest outbreak in Chippewa County, the property was immediately quarantined and neighboring properties with poultry are being notified, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Remaining birds will be destroyed to stem further spread of the virus. No poultry products will enter the food supply, officials said. USDA protocols, surveillance and testing procedures will take place at the properties near the affected facility to try to prevent the virus from spreading.
But the problem is that officials don’t know how the virus is being spread to more and more flocks. Researchers are considering numerous possibilities such as dust, wind, wild birds, human factors and more. The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has increased the number of workers in the field, to almost 400.
The H5 avian influenza virus was first detected in Wisconsin April 13 at a commercial chicken flock in Jefferson County, with 180,000 egg-laying chickens destroyed. Since then, two more flocks have been infected in Barron and Juneau counties, bringing the total of affected Wisconsin birds to more than 310,000.
Backyard poultry owners and other poultry producers are encouraged to practice biosecurity measures and to take steps to prevent contact between their birds and wild birds. They also should monitor their flocks closely, and need to report sick or dead birds. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is working on a vaccine for poultry to counter the flu, as losses to poultry producers mount. USDA officials said the H5N2 virus could be a problem for the poultry industry for several years. The virus could reappear this fall when wild waterfowl that are believed to carry it fly south for the winter. Another concern is that it could spread to big poultry-producing states in the East.
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8 Tornadoes Hit Texas, USA

Tornado Hampton 02.06.12

A band of tornadoes that swept across parts of rural Texas over the weekend flattened buildings, tore the roofs off other structures and forced people to rush for shelter, the National Weather Service said Monday.
National Weather Service meteorologist Matt Bishop confirmed Monday that at least eight tornadoes touched down in an area southwest of Fort Worth late Sunday.
No injuries have been reported.
Hail described as the size of ping pong balls, and larger, showered the area, and several inches of rain caused flash flooding and inundated roadways.
Storm chasers Spencer Basoco and Lawrence McEwen were pursuing the storm south of Stephenville on Sunday when 1-inch hail suddenly gave way to ones measuring 4 inches or more.
Hail shattered in the roadway ahead of their vehicle but then began striking McEwen’s windshield, destroying it.
“There was no possible way to know until it was too late,” Basoco said.
National Weather Service forecaster Lamont Bain said earlier Monday that severe weather reached Comanche, Erath, Somervell, Bosque, Hill and Johnson counties. He said Glen Rose received more than 4 inches of rain.
Part of the Waxahachie police headquarters south of Dallas flooded as water several inches deep rushed into the building.
Anita Foster, spokeswoman for the American Red Cross, said in a statement Monday that her agency is assessing the damage and providing assistance to families.
“Overnight, Red Cross teams provided cots and blankets for the shelter set up in Maypearl, and stood by for shelter needs in Johnson, Hood and Erath counties,” she said. “The event is still unfolding with flash flooding throughout the area.”
Stephenville police said shelters were opened Sunday at the city library and other locations for people to seek refuge.
More severe weather was forecast for North and East Texas through Monday, with forecasts calling for winds up to 70 mph, hail and the possibility of tornadoes.
Other parts of Texas, meanwhile, were lashed by heavy rains. The weather service on Monday issued a flash-flood watch for parts of the Panhandle. Amarillo had received up to 2 inches of rain as of Monday morning, and moderate to heavy rainfall was forecast through the day.
Strong thunderstorms in the Houston area Monday brought heavy rain, downed trees and damaged homes and buildings.
The Texas Department of Transportation reported downpours have led to standing water on roads in Alto and other parts of East Texas, and in Hardeman County, northwest of Wichita Falls near the Panhandle.
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‘Egg-sized’ hailstones smash car windows in eastern Chinese cities

Giant hailstones punched holes right through car windows in Nanjing. Photo: SCMP Pictures
Giant hailstones punched holes right through car windows in Nanjing. Photo: SCMP Pictures
Extreme weather in eastern China’s Yangtze River Delta has seen car windows being broken by egg-sized hailstones, Shanghai-based news outlet reports.
The storms stuck the cities of Xuzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi, Zhenjiang and Suzhou in the northern part of Jiangsu province on Tuesday afternoon. Hailstones more than 5cm in diameter punched holes in the windows parked cars.
Internet users began posting pictures in the afternoon of giant hailstones, some of crystal clear. At about 6pm, a shower of giant hailstorms lasting several minutes struck Nanjing, further inland.
Meanwhile, the first-ever hailstorm warning was issued in Shanghai on Tuesday night after the daytime temperature climbing to 31 degrees Celsius.
The extreme weather affected air traffic, with China Eastern Airlines issuing warnings of flight delays late into the night.
Last week a severe hail storm caused damage, including smashed car windows, in Shantou, Guangdong.
Freak hailstorms struck cities across the Yangtze River delta. Photo: SCMP Pictures
Freak hailstorms struck cities across the Yangtze River delta. Photo: SCMP Pictures
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Depth: 2 km

Distances: 395 km N of Dallas, United States / pop: 1,197,816 / local time: 11:42:26.5 2015-04-29
91 km N of Oklahoma City, United States / pop: 579,999 / local time: 11:42:26.5 2015-04-29
22 km W of Perry, United States / pop: 5,126 / local time: 11:42:26.5 2015-04-29

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