Tons of fish die suddenly in a pond in Hai Duong, Vietnam

Mr. Pham Duc tell terrible pain, pop Odyssey live
Accordingly, approximately 4 h in the morning of British pop Odyssey live 1.4 German Offense, stay at the hamlet of upper Union Township District, rice, spices, loc, Hai Duong Province discovered the fish in the pond of white to die undertook to shore without known cause.
“When I came out of his house’s pond ever drop in fish ponds are filled with floating dead series, made it to shore. In particular, on the banks of the pond remains scarred legs and bottles of pesticides herbicides, United Kingdom oil viscosity and Golden post office snail which suspects blend into each other and then pour down the pond “-you are breaking the German pop Odyssey live said.
According to his estimates, number pop Odyssey live fish in the pond, be someone else pour herbicides pesticides cause mass fish death up to a ton with a variety of carp, carp, carp and. .. With current cost, estimated his family damages of about 25 million.Shortly after, the death of fish pond owners have reported to local authorities. Receiving information, Gia Loc district authorities in cooperation with the provincial inspection forces on the scene find out things, seized bottles to examination of fingerprints at the scene. At the same time, taking water samples to test, identify the chemical investigation.
Currently, the Agency continues to investigate, clarify.
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