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115,000 birds to be killed due to avian flu in South Dakota, USA

Bird Flu

115,000 birds to be killed due to avian flu in South Dakota, USA


Thousands of dead fish found washed up on a beach in Lorento, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of small fish woke up yesterday morning stranded in the vicinity of the beach which is located south of the Malecon in Loreto, arousing astonishment and concern of many citizens went for a walk and authorities in environmental and fisheries, given the lack of information on the causes of this phenomenon. 
Thanks to the intervention of several loretanos who witnessed this strange situation was that a large segment of the community learned of the event, especially through social networks. 
It is expected that the next few days the authorities can at least provide some preliminary information on the amount of dead fish and mainly about the possible causes of this situation which, at first glance, has a close history. 
It should be mentioned that the Bay of Loreto, one of the most important protected areas in the Sea of ​​Cortez or Gulf of California, National Park has been instrumental in the recovery of many species through the implementation of conservation programs very successful factor. 
Moreover, this area which groups five islands and dozens of sites of outstanding natural wealth, is known for its rich biodiversity and even the existence of several endemic species.
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200+ Camels dead, hundreds others sick from ‘mystery disease’ in Punjab, Pakistan


At least 200 camels have died of an unconfirmed viral disease during last one week and about hundreds are suffering from it in Noorpur Thal area, according to local media on Monday.
Local livestock department said, the animals suffered shivering and bleeding from the nose accompanied by coughing and finally died.
“The villagers and traders have lost more than 200 animals so far”, official said.
“The local people have been asked not to eat meat till the further advisory, a warning alert had also been issued in this regard”, he further explained.
He said that villagers were trying to save the diseased camels through traditional methods and many cases were administering them opium but to no avail.
In Noorpur Thal, a tehsil of Khushab, a camel is used for travelling in desert, fetching water, transporting loads and luggage, ploughing and recreational activities and price of a prized camel runs into Rs150,000 to 200,000.
Local elders asked the Punjab government to take immediate steps to counter this mysterious disease so that to avoid huge loss.
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1.7 MILLION birds to be killed due to avian flu in Nebraska, USA

Bird Flu

The bird flu outbreak has spread into northeast Nebraska. Now, officials are planning to kill 1.7 million chickens on an egg farm in Dixon County.
The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service said Tuesday that the presence of the illness on the farm as first one in Nebraska.
Bird flu is already widespread in Iowa, where more than 26 million chickens have been lost. Officials routinely destroy the entire flock when the disease is found to limit its spread.
The Agriculture Department says the bird flu doesn’t represent a significant health risk to humans, and no human infections have been found.
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1,000 birds dead, 12,000 killed due to avian flu in Betzet, Israel

Bird Flu

Israel has reported an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu virus in the north of the country, two months after declaring a series of similar outbreaks earlier this year had been resolved, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) said on Tuesday.
The highly pathogenic H5N1 virus caused the death of 1,000 10-week-old turkeys on a farm in Bezet near the border with Lebanon, the OIE reported on its website, citing data submitted by Israel’s ministry of agriculture.
The outbreak follows similar ones in January and February, the first in nearly three years, which prompted the death or culling of over 300,000 birds, mainly turkeys.
But the farm ministry had said in a report to the Paris-based OIE on March 1 that the event had been resolved.
In addition to the animals that died of the disease, about 12,000 turkeys were culled in Bezet due to the outbreak, the ministry said.
High pathogenic H5N1 bird flu first infected humans in 1997 in Hong Kong. It has since spread from Asia to Europe and Africa and has become entrenched in poultry in some countries, causing millions of poultry infections and several hundred human deaths.
The strain is different to the H5N2 strain that has been spreading in the United States, leading to the death or culling of nearly 30 million birds so far.
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20 TONS of dead fish found floating in a lagoon in Ursulo Galvan, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

About 500 people directly dependent on fisheries are affected by the alleged downloads making ingenuity to the Cabana Model lagoon, the municipality of Ursulo Galvan, which killed about 20 tons of various fish species. 
It was reported that the pollution problem wit that gap has more than 40 years and although there are officials who are interested in resolving this situation, the negotiations start, but come changes of government and everything remains stagnant. 
Fishermen from various unions demanded a stop to this situation, which is a recurring, as each six months the harvest started or happens such fish kills. 
Touring the lagoon Cabana it can be seen that the whole body of water no dead fish, the species still floating, many have been eaten by birds such as herons and gulls, likewise has decomposed and has gone to background. 
It is common to see floating in the mangrove or on the shores of the lagoon cream of dead fish from the smallest to some of considerable size. 
The fishermen explained that when the work of death and since this is due to the lack of oxygen in the water, liquids throws wit and not poisoning, many fish are taken by people coming together considerable amounts and Do you sell. 
But while there is an economic benefit for some who come to collect up to 50 kilos of fish every person, this is not normal, because fishing is what will sell and not what is not needed. 
Jose Mateo Tejeda Peña, president of the fishing cooperative “La Perla de Chachalacas”, said it was a “tragic weekend” for that body of water, as the Friday night fish kills began, and ingenuity is responsible Model. 
He stressed that this is not attributed to anyone else, because the harvest has just ended, so it makes cleaning the mill of those “irons” and when those contingencies come. 
He said that some say are the downloads of the municipality, but the truth is that these discharges are constant and no species dies, however, the discharge does wit causes situations such as that seen with the naked eye, where mojarras , sea bass, eels and other species floating dead on the shores of the lagoon. 
As fisherman said he did not know what throws wit to that place, but some say it’s caustic soda and other acids occupying cleaning gives machine, which removes oxygen to the water and this causes the death of species. 
The impact is severe because it leaves employs about 500 fishing families of seven cooperatives, so they now have lost their source of income and have no choice but to wait for clean water comes, it will be in three months, when it starts to rain. 
“We draw from this lake bream, sea bass, robalete, crab, shrimp and fish such as mullet,” he said. 
He asked the authorities involved fishing and determine who is to blame for this death, because if a fisherman earns a fault or a fisherman was the cause of this situation until the prison will provide. 
He ruled that suffer by about 20 tons of different species were lost, but for what it represents in terms of reproduction, because they would generate more resources fishing in future there will be no shortage of product. 
Ariel Gonzalez, aquaculturists in the area, agreed last Friday wit Model threw their contaminated water and only in his kennel lost 35 000 mojarras and his brother 10 000 mojarras more they were playing, so he said something must be responsible and should pay damages. 
He said that not only are people who fish in that area, but fishing Cardel, La Gloria, Chachalacas and other surrounding towns, which no longer have product. 
He reiterated that the ingenuity Model sends its wastewater without any treatment, so even though supposedly have a treatment plant really does not work and the proof is the plague there.
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Large amount of dead fish found in a river in Shenzhen, China

Fish Kill Alert

Members of the public who lives in Longgang Town Center Wong reflect hotline call the Shenzhen Economic Daily said the newborn section of Longgang River area in recent days to the black stinking river, a large number of dead fish floating in the river, lead to many people the river for fish. Yesterday, Longgang District Environmental Water responded that dead fish and pollution triggered by heavy rains, people do not eat river fish salvage.
After receiving public rebellion, reporters yesterday morning came to the Longgang Town, Longgang River waters newborn Road site visits. Road located in Laguna Beach Hotel newborn section, reporters saw the whole river siltation black river mud, a cool breeze blowing, the air was immediately enveloped an intense rancid flavor; yellow muddy water, a large palm-sized fish turned the belly, as the water slowly rolling, floating up and down in the water looming. I can still see a few live fish, also is Qiruoyousi, occasionally struggling to shake under the tail, and then they float on the water, motionless.
Mr Wong said the writer who, dead fish from the 10th in the afternoon began, started to become hazy smelly river, long before they see a lot of dead fish floating on the surface. Since the day of the weekend, a lot of people playing in the river, to see a large area of ​​dead fish phenomenon, a lot of people scared to have returned to shore. Some nearby residents to see such a situation, it is holding a net bag under the river for fish.
Reporters continue to walk down along the Longgang River discovery, the river becomes yellow black from mud, the smell more and more dense, dry place both sides can see a lot of dead fish carcasses, the large dead fish along the water continues to Under drift. Some people said that a large number of dead fish Longgang River is not the first time things happen, if some heavy rain, the water quality will deteriorate, increase of dead fish.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter on the matter to the Longgang District Environmental Water understand the situation. Longgang District Environmental Water confirmed by on-site staff to view, part of Longgang River Basin dead fish situation, indeed, two days before the storm related, storm sewage and garbage shore Longgang River tributaries are washed into the river, causing rapid deterioration of water quality, fish will not meet the large number of deaths.
Environmental Water Longgang District staff further explained that this is mainly determined by the characteristics of the Longgang River. Because in the case it does not rain, all the sewage, including sewage will flow into tributaries of the culvert, after purification treatment before discharge, river water is relatively clean, inside; when the next storm, rain flows into the underground water pipes, once the rainfall over the rain box culvert design capacity, it will even together with sewage overflow into the Longgang River.
The staff said, Longgang River water is the sewage treatment plant and then discharged into the river end, and not as a reservoir of water quality is so good, do not recommend people go to the river to salvage the dead fish, but do not recommend public consumption.
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Severe flooding causes mayhem in Mombasa, Kenya, Africa

Severe Flood Warning

Parts of Mombasa have been rendered inaccessible in the aftermath of unusually heavy rains witnessed in the coastal belt over the weekend.
Although the Mombasa County government and the provincial and administration officials are yet to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the destruction caused by the floods, at least one person was killed, several injured and scores rendered homeless by the rains. The floods unleashed misery on residents of Mombasa where cases of landslides have been reported, while in the surrounding counties of Kwale, Kilifi and Taita Taveta, families spent the night in the cold after their houses were destroyed. A primary school wall also collapsed injuring three people. Night-long rains, which triggered massive flooding and landslides, left a man dead, several missing and many others homeless in Mombasa. The impact of the storm, which killed a seven-year-old girl in Kilifi on Friday, was also felt in Kwale and Taita Taveta counties. The girl, Jamila Kazungu, drowned in River Kivunga as she and her uncle tried to cross on Friday. A man said to be visiting, was killed when mudslides hit a house and buried him alongside 
his two hosts in Kalahari slums in Changamwe. Residents said they were awoken by the loud thud of the mudslide crushing the house. The body of the man was retrieved, nut the two residents of the house are still missing. The two men are suspected to be buried in the rubble of their slum house that was torn down by the landslide at 4.30a.m. yesterday.
The floods wrecked the city’s infrastructure, rendering some parts of the Coast inaccessible on the third day of torrential rains yesterday. Homeless families Three people were injured and hospitalised when a house in Buxton collapsed as they slept early yesterday. Several roofs in Tezo, Kilifi County, were blown off on Saturday leaving families homeless. Kwale, Kilifi, Taita Taveta and Mombasa counties have been pounded by oceanic and convectional rain since Thursday.
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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 84 km NW of Vaduz, Liechtenstein / pop: 5,197 / local time: 20:54:04.1 2015-05-31
8 km SE of Schaffhausen, Switzerland / pop: 33,863 / local time: 20:54:04.1 2015-05-31
9 km NE of Andelfingen, Switzerland / pop: 1,328 / local time: 20:54:04.1 2015-05-31
4 km SW of Gailingen, Germany / pop: 3,008 / local time: 20:54:04.1 2015-05-31

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Depth: 2 km

Distances: 651 km NW of Guadalajara, Mexico / pop: 1,640,589 / local time: 13:44:18.8 2015-05-31
169 km E of La Paz, Mexico / pop: 171,485 / local time: 12:44:18.8 2015-05-31
128 km NE of San José del Cabo, Mexico / pop: 48,518 / local time: 12:44:18.8 2015-05-31

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