Vet believes epidemic ‘dog flu’ in Texas, USA

Epidemic Alert

Canine influenza has been called a serious epidemic involving a viral strain never before seen in the United States, and one veterinarian believes canine influenza may be in Central Texas.
Like humans, dogs can get vaccinated for the most common version of canine flu, but there’s no specific vaccine for this strain, and experts don’t know if the current one will even help protect dogs from getting sick.
Homeopathic veterinarian Will Falconer diagnosed Sara Strandtman’s 3-year-old Akita, with canine influenza.
Strandtman said Mica was sneezing, feverish and had runny eyes and a severe cough. Strandtman said she had never heard of canine influence, but the symptoms matched exactly.
Influenza H3-N2 is typically found in dogs in Asia. It’s now running rampant through the Midwest. An estimated 1,300 dogs in the Chicago area are sick. Some kennels and shelters are temporarily shut down and many owners are keeping their animals away from dog parks. The virus is highly contagious and in some cases fatal.
“You get dogs in close confinement together and it spreads from one to the next,” Falconer said. “The tricky part about it is a dog can be infected with it even before they show symptoms and they can spread it to the next dog.”
To combat canine flu, some vets are giving sick dogs antibiotics or cough suppressants, but Falconer said homeopathic medicine shortened the length and severity of Mica’s case. Homeopathic remedies are available at health food stores.
If you suspect your dog may have the flu, let your vet know the symptoms before you go in, so staff can take special precautions and keep the virus from spreading.
Experts said humans cannot get this form of the virus from their dogs.
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