Blistering heatwave on the way to Israel

Heatwave Warning

Emergency medical personnel were placed on alert Monday amid forecasts that temperatures around Israel will rise over 40 degrees Celsius (104° Fahrenheit) during the week.
The upcoming heatwave, expected to peak Tuesday, marks an early kickoff to the summer season following a relatively mild spring.
Temperatures Monday are expected to reach 42° C (107.6 F) in Eilat, in Beersheba and the Dead Sea 41° C (106° F), in Tiberias 40° C (104° F), and in Rehovot 39° C (102 F).
Meanwhile temperatures in Tel Aviv are expected to reach a high of 36° C (97° F), while Jerusalem will enjoy a milder 34° C (93° F).
Fire bans were instituted across swaths of northern and central Israel, while additional firefighters were mobilized throughout the country, Walla reported.
Medical personnel were also placed on standby, while Magen David Adom urged residents to follow a series of sun-smart guidelines to prevent cases of heatstroke or dehydration.
The Israel Electric Corporation is gearing up for increased electricity consumption nationwide as well, as Israelis turn to their air conditioners for respite from the heat.
The sizzling weather is expected to abate Thursday when temperatures will mercifully return to seasonal norms.
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