Hundreds of fish dead due to algae in a lake in Jalisco, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Due to the death of about 200 fish (Popochas) on Lake Mayor Park, the site will remain closed pending the completion of maintenance and cleaning. 
The Popochas died from lack of oxygen in the water, caused by the increase in algae and fish overpopulation own, Secretary of Ecology and Environment of the municipality, Juan Carlos Vázquez Becerra said. 
Since last Monday, Mayor Park authorities noticed discoloration in the water and fish “moqueaban” and came to the surface, making analysis of water and brush began, supported by biologists Health and Safety State Government and other specialists. The results are in about three days. 
“There must be about 100 or 200 dead fish, but they are very small, there is a number”. 
The cleanup in Mayor Park will be a purchased by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, for desazolvar clean the glass and let it set. However, the main cause of the closure is because there is movement and entry of vehicles in the lower part of the place, and does not want to endanger walkers. 
“Right now we prefer to keep the closed park and give it a clean in two or three days, and that will allow us to offer the service to the public as quickly as possible.” 
He ruled that there is contamination in the lake, adding that in hot season is common weed and algae growth, so it is a good time to do deep cleaning and maintenance.
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