Mega Heatwave Kills More Than 500 People In India

Heatwave Alert

The death toll from a heatwave in India rises to more than 500 people as weather forecasters warn of a “severe heatwave” ahead. 
In the capital city of New Delhi, a high of 44 C (111.2F) was recorded with zero precipitation, low humidity and little wind, while in Allahabad, another city in the north, the mercury touched 47.7 C (117.8F) on Sunday with zero precipitation, low humidity and slight wind, according to local sources.
Most of the recorded deaths from the present heatwave are attributed to severe dehydration and heatstroke.
India’s Meteorological Department has sounded the alarm for several states for the rest of the month, advising the citizens to drink plenty of water to be well hydrated.
“It is hot. It will stay hot. People must stay inside and drink lots of water,” Devendra Sharma, an official at the Indian meteorological office said.
Meteorological office director, BK Yadav, attributed the heat in north India to a continuing heatwave from neighboring Pakistan, saying, “The temperature there is 50 degrees and the heat wave is coming from there.”
The department has warned that the heatwave condition will continue for days in large swathes of northern and southern India.
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