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37 dead whales found washed ashore near the Gulf of Penas, Chile

10.05.15 Whales Killed in Chile
Researchers and scientists do not know the reasons for the stranding of these animals but are doing the necessary work to know what happened.
In the Gulf of Penas in Chile, were 37 dead whales. The Sei species is not common in the area and the reasons for stranding is unknown. 
Port authorities Aysen anoticiaron of the situation by a group of international researchers who were working in the area. He quickly called the National Fish and identification work began. 
It is common varen whales off the coast of Chile, but these Sei whale (Balaenoptera borealis) are not regulars in the area. It is believed to have spent more than twenty days there, some were floating in the sea.
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2 TONS of fish have died in the Vam Co Dong River in Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

9.5 That evening, his fish Nguyen Van Khanh (live New Hamlet Hamlet 1, Tri Binh commune, Chau Thanh district) killed nearly 2 tons, more than 100 million loss. Anh Khanh says more than 1 week, river water began stinking of fish in the river that floating head, strangled. Per day, the snakehead fish, catfish, fish maul throw … in friends die around 200 kg (pictured). Nearby, catfish Nguyen Van Cong (47) also being their red, opaque eyes must sell “fat” to recover capital. Truong Hoai Phong (43, Hamlet Hamlet Alternative 1) said the discovery of water stink, I immediately moved to feed the fish in the well water, oxygen blowing but fish are dead, nearly 100 million loss .
The same day, answered Youth, Nguyen Dinh Xuan, Director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment Xining, confirmed last few days, water quality Vam Co Dong river showing signs worsening, leading to fish overwhelmed, die as people reflect. According to Spring, the results of monitoring in recent days shows that the amount of oxygen in serious water shortage. Mr. Xuan said the Department of Natural Resources and Environment is coordinating related agencies to investigate the cause. He also did not exclude the possibility of taking advantage of the days of rain, have now sneaked into the river discharge.
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100,000 dead fish found in a canal in Nagoya, Japan

Fish Kill Alert

Nagoya government officials said Thursday that around 100,000 dead fish had been found in a canal between May 3 and May 6.
The Nagoya Port Association said dead gizzard shad and gobies were found in an 8-kilometer-long stretch of canal between Nakagawa and Minato wards, Fuji TV reported.
A similar incident occurred two years ago, killing 230,000 fish.
Experts suggested one reason the fish may have died is because sludge at the bottom of the canal depleted the amount of oxygen in the water.
Residents complained Thursday about the smell of dead fish. The cleanup is expected to take another day.
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4 MILLION birds to be killed in new outbreak of avian flu in Iowa, USA

Bird Flu

4 MILLION birds to be killed in new outbreak of avian flu in Iowa, USA

600,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Belize

Bird Flu

While poultry farmers continue to suffer massive losses due to an outbreak of bird flu, the Belize Poultry Association says it is resisting the temptation to increase prices.
But losses are mounting and Ministry of Health officials estimate than more than 600,000 birds have had to be destroyed.
BPA spokesman Orlando Habet told The Reporter this week that the full extent of the loss has yet to be determined because the Ministry of Agriculture continues to seize and destroy birds found to be infected.
“We are hoping for increased production from the communities in the north such as Blue Creek, Ship Yard, and Little Belize, to make up for the shortfall in production from the west,” Habet said. “Only if absolutely necessary will we be looking at putting in place some kind of temporary increase.”
“Like every other commodity, poultry is subject to the laws of supply and demand, and the BPA cannot control any price increase that results from a shortage of poultry products, Habet said in an interview last month. He estimated that poultry farmers collectively stand to lose some $6 million by the time the crisis is over.
In January health officials discovered that birds from several farms in the Spanish Lookout area had tested positive for bird flu. Further testing revealed that the birds had contracted the H5N2 strain of the virus.
This strain is classified as “low pathogenic”, meaning the risk of contaminating humans is slight. At the onset of the outbreak some 12,000 birds had to be destroyed but this selective culling could not contain the outbreak, which has now become an epidemic.
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Evacuations In Place As River Is Rising Very Fast In The Houston-Area, USA

Severe Flood Warning

Officials say they expect a swollen suburban Houston river to keep rising and to remain high throughout the weekend and they have suggested that those living near its banks may want to leave.
Harris County Flood Control District officials haven’t ordered residents of subdivisions along the West Fork of the San Jacinto River to leave, but they have said it may not be a bad idea.
Spokeswoman Kim Jackson said Wednesday that the district is closely monitoring the situation and is working to alert residents of the potential dangers. She says water released from the Lake Conroe dam is contributing to the surge, as is runoff from two flooded creeks.
The area has a history of flooding and many homes are elevated on stilts or mounts.
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Mega heatwave kills at least 1,100 in India

State Of Emergency

“All leave has been cancelled for doctor’s and medical staff in India”
All leave has been cancelled for doctor’s and medical staff in India as the country swelters under a deadly heatwave that has so far killed over 1,000 people.
Temperatures have soared to above 47C this week and doctor’s have been called back from holiday to help care for the sick, the Reuters news agency reports.
The toll in Andhra Pradesh alone is 852, officials say.
The death toll in the worst affected states of Andhra Pradesh in the southeast and nearby Telangana is more than double the toll from a shorter hot spell there last year, officials said, with most of those killed elderly or laborers suffering sunstroke or dehydration.
Authorities have canceled doctors’ leave and advised people not to head outside in the middle of the day to avoid the worst of the heat, but for many Indians, staying indoors is not an option.
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***BE ALERT***

Magnetogram 27.05.15  21.58 hrs UTC

Massive power outages causes total chaos at Belgian airports

Power Outages Alert

Chaos hit Belgian airports on Wednesday when an electrical failure at air traffic control in Brussels caused Belgium-bound flights to be diverted, with departures delayed and flights cancelled over six hours.
No plane was allowed to land or take off from Belgian airports between 0730 GMT and 1200 GMT because of the power outage that paralysed screens and radars at Belgocontrol air traffic control.
Officials said 147 flights were cancelled at Brussels international airport, affecting 20,000 people, including 4,000 who had to land at airports in neighbouring France, Germany and Luxembourg.
Reports said passengers affected included a Spanish minister and the negotiators in Greece’s bailout talks.
European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker had to cut short a press conference with UN chief Ban Ki-moon, saying he was forced to travel by land to Luxembourg to take a flight for Japan that he had been due to take off from Brussels.
“We’re not operational, navigation screens are not working in the tower,” Dominique Dehaene, spokesman for Belgium’s official Belgocontrol agency told AFP.
All morning, planes headed to the EU capital were diverted to regional airports, in an effort to clear Belgium’s airspace, airport authorities said.
Planes overflying Belgium however were not affected, they said.
Traffic was suspended at the regional airport of Charleroi, a low-cost airline hub near the French border, as well as Antwerp and Liege, near Germany.
Several flights were diverted to Lille airport in northern France, a spokesman there said. About 1,000 passengers were to travel on from Lille to their intended destination by bus.
About 600 flights a day arrive or depart from Brussels airport, which serves the headquarters of both the EU and NATO.
“Due to air traffic, Brussels Group meeting will be delayed today,” said in a tweet Eleni Varvitsiotis, the EU correspondent for Greek newspaper Kathimerini, referring to the negotiations for Greece’s bailout.
“Greek team arrives via Duesseldorf,” she said.
The situation at Belgian airports was only expected to return to normal by late Wednesday evening due to the ripple effect from the power outage, which affected flight crews and caused planes to land in neighbouring countries.
Ninety minutes after air traffic was allowed to resume, a first flight took off from Brussels international airport, heading for the United States, an AFP journalist said.
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Train falls into a collapsed bridge in Koochiching County, Minnesota just South of the Canadian border

A crucial timber rail bridge burned and collapsed just early Wednesday in Koochiching County, tipping two rail cars onto the banks of the Rat Root River and blocking a Canadian National rail artery that connects the Pacific Coast with Chicago.
“It burned down to the water,” said Jim Biersach, owner of Border Boatworks in Ericsburg, a half mile south of the collapsed bridge. “They cut the front end of the train loose and sent it south with about a dozen cars, which seemed real odd ‘cause that’s a short train for around here. They’re usually about two miles long.”
A spokesman for Canadian National Railway said the crew of a southbound train reported a fire on the trestle on approach to the bridge about 12:35 a.m. The train came to a stop but only after it had crossed the bridge.
The bridge was destroyed by the fire, but the crew was not injured, said Brent Kossey, the CN spokesman. The two cars hanging in the wreckage over the river are full of potash, a fertilizer, and they remain intact as work continues to move them off the river banks.
The incident is under investigation. Officials at the International Falls Fire Department, which responded to the scene, could not immediately be reached for comment.  
The bridge collapse blocks the Canadian National line that runs from Prince Rupert, British Columbia, to Chicago. The route has made Ranier, Minn., just east of International Falls, one of the busiest rail crossings on the U.S.-Canada border.
All rail traffic through Ranier is now halted, but the collapse highlights growing anxiety in the village of 150 that has seen freight rail traffic from Canada surge in recent years.
Map: Bridge collapse near International Falls
The bridge across the Rainy River from Fort Frances to Ranier was built in 1907 and carries more than 20 trains a day that are up to two miles long, said Dennis Wagner, mayor of Ranier.
“Something’s going to happen,” Wagner said. “It’s just freaking math. Nobody plans an accident. Nobody planned to burn down that bridge.”
Wagner said about 19 percent of all freight rail traffic across the border passes through Ranier and then Ericsburg. The burnt bridge makes him worry about a similar incident happening in downtown Ranier.
“What happens when this other bridge that’s 120 years old collapses? Oh! Imagine that. And then it fills the whole Rainy River full of oil and gas,” he said. “That’s going to happen, I guarantee you. Maybe not in my lifetime, but maybe in my grandson’s lifetime.”
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