37 dead whales found washed ashore near the Gulf of Penas, Chile

10.05.15 Whales Killed in Chile
Researchers and scientists do not know the reasons for the stranding of these animals but are doing the necessary work to know what happened.
In the Gulf of Penas in Chile, were 37 dead whales. The Sei species is not common in the area and the reasons for stranding is unknown. 
Port authorities Aysen anoticiaron of the situation by a group of international researchers who were working in the area. He quickly called the National Fish and identification work began. 
It is common varen whales off the coast of Chile, but these Sei whale (Balaenoptera borealis) are not regulars in the area. It is believed to have spent more than twenty days there, some were floating in the sea.
Courtesy of diarioveloz.com

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