Newly-identified fault zone off the coast of Southern California, USA

Fault Line Alert

It is better to be prepared and if you stay in Southern California then this is a vital piece of information. Researchers have warned that there could be a tsunami disaster in Los Angeles and San Diego as a newly-identified fault zone off the coast of Southern California has been identified.
Sea could spell more problem for this region, which is known for its earthquake instability and this comes with the recent exploration of underwater fault lines. There can be earthquakes of 7.9 to 8.0 intensity if they get active and this could send massive and destructive waves crashing to shore.
For concluding this, the study used high-resolution mapping of two active transpressional fault zones each in the California Continental Borderland. There has been prior investigations regarding the Santa Cruz-Catalina Ridge fault and the Ferrelo fault, for this one, the researchers undertook around 2,796 miles of new depth measurements to identify the changes experienced by the crust.
Geologists stated that there could be thoroughgoing rupture over distances exceeding 100 km of multiple segments seeing the geometry of the fault systems.
Some areas are being forced to shift up due to butting up of the North American tectonic plate and the Pacific tectonic plate. Other fault lines experience more pressure due to these movements and this can lead to earthquakes here as well.
These offshore faults have experienced massive earthquakes in the last few hundred years, said Mark Legg, geologist at Legg Geophysical and lead author of the study, while talking to CBS.
Researchers stated that there could be nothing that could be done about these movements but this certainly can predict potentially catastrophic tsunamis like the one that affected Japan and other countries in recent years. There has been no regularity seen in ocean floor mapping.
Legg is confident about the risks that are involved but adds that there is no need to panic but it is always good to be prepared as there is a potential of tsunami.
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