Severe flooding causes mayhem in Mombasa, Kenya, Africa

Severe Flood Warning

Parts of Mombasa have been rendered inaccessible in the aftermath of unusually heavy rains witnessed in the coastal belt over the weekend.
Although the Mombasa County government and the provincial and administration officials are yet to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the destruction caused by the floods, at least one person was killed, several injured and scores rendered homeless by the rains. The floods unleashed misery on residents of Mombasa where cases of landslides have been reported, while in the surrounding counties of Kwale, Kilifi and Taita Taveta, families spent the night in the cold after their houses were destroyed. A primary school wall also collapsed injuring three people. Night-long rains, which triggered massive flooding and landslides, left a man dead, several missing and many others homeless in Mombasa. The impact of the storm, which killed a seven-year-old girl in Kilifi on Friday, was also felt in Kwale and Taita Taveta counties. The girl, Jamila Kazungu, drowned in River Kivunga as she and her uncle tried to cross on Friday. A man said to be visiting, was killed when mudslides hit a house and buried him alongside 
his two hosts in Kalahari slums in Changamwe. Residents said they were awoken by the loud thud of the mudslide crushing the house. The body of the man was retrieved, nut the two residents of the house are still missing. The two men are suspected to be buried in the rubble of their slum house that was torn down by the landslide at 4.30a.m. yesterday.
The floods wrecked the city’s infrastructure, rendering some parts of the Coast inaccessible on the third day of torrential rains yesterday. Homeless families Three people were injured and hospitalised when a house in Buxton collapsed as they slept early yesterday. Several roofs in Tezo, Kilifi County, were blown off on Saturday leaving families homeless. Kwale, Kilifi, Taita Taveta and Mombasa counties have been pounded by oceanic and convectional rain since Thursday.
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