Hundreds of dead fish found floating in a river in Macao, Portugal

Fish Kill Alert

An episode that the president of the authority attributed to factors linked to pollution and low river flow.
Hundreds of dead fish were on Tuesday removed the Tagus, near the dam Belver / Ortiga in Macau municipality, an episode that the president of the authority attributed to factors linked to pollution and low river flow.
“This episode is not punctual, we have received on a recurring basis complaints from residents about odors from the Tagus river water, in addition to the weak flow and its evil aspect, brownish in color and with plenty of foam,” he told the Lusa agency President of the Macau Chamber, Vasco Star (PSD).
This morning, the local authorities were alerted to “hundreds of dead fish on the banks of the river and retained in the grids Dam (that prevent debris from falling into the turbines that generate electricity).”
“The problem did not occur in our territory. The pollution source is upstream and the dead fish came with the flow, to stop here, “he materialized.
Contacted by Lusa, Francisco Pinto, fisherman for 47 years, residing in Ortiga he said the dead fish “were the hundreds”, noting that “many were still trying to breathe, afloat,” but without achieving the necessary oxygen.
“There were dead fish with more than three kilos,” he said, noting that the number of affected fish is yet to ascertain.
According to Vasco Star, “this, as is, can not continue” because “it’s all a riverside heritage, a strategic river in terms of regional development and affirmation of a historical identity and heritage that is concerned.”
“We will make a presentation to the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) for which realizes what is happening, in order to identify the pollution sources, and to finding a solution so that this does not become to succeed,” he stressed.
Dead fish were removed by employees of the EDP, that operate on Dam Ortiga / Belver, who, with the help of a backhoe, opened trenches and buried them.
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