Mass die off of fish washes ashore in Canakkale, Turkey

Fish Kill Alert

Canakkale ‘s bell township Büyükpaş hit the village at the edge of the shore after the mass fish deaths occurred in the hundreds of fish started to smell Kocabas tea with the effect of heat. 
Bell township Büyükpaş village on the edge of passing Karabiga the sea spilled Kocabas tea return to red in color with the waste in mass fish deaths occurred in previous days, pike, carp and yellowfin species of fish are still hitting the shore along the 15 kilometers of tea from Etili Katrandere. Kocabas remaining plugged in Büyükpaş village bridge protection set on the tea 1 meter in the dead pike Agriculture Tayhan of the villagers said the smell began, “In 2007, the waters of the Kocabas tea was dead blue, turning the fish. We could not open our windows the smell of dead fish for a month. 5 days Today before continuing to shoot dead fish ashore in flowing red color Kocabas tea. Dead fish began to smell the warm weather, “he said.
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