Apocalyptic hailstorm strikes a neighborhood in Denver, USA

04.06.15 Hailstorm in Denver

AIRTRACKER 7 found hail several feet deep as it flew over South Irving Street and West Alaska Place, that’s near Alameda Avenue and Federal Boulevard.
“It started last night around 8 or 8:30. Within a half an hour it started accumulating,” said Sinforoso Sanchez. “Then all of a sudden, probably within 45 minutes, we heard like a rumble and we ran down our porch and looked down the street and a car was coming sideways — just rolling on ice. Next thing we know, within an hour’s time, this whole area was just… it was deeper than it is now.”
People were seen using shovels in an effort to free their cars. 
“Where this came from I don’t know,” Sanchez said with a laugh, “but we got it.”
“Cars were floating down the street”. Snow plows and shovels removing hail measuring in feet. #cowx. @DenverChannel pic.twitter/GGYysmtFqc
— Brad Bogott (@bbogott) June 5, 2015
Heavy loaders and dump trucks were called in to scoop up and remove the hailstones by the truckload.
Courtesy of thedenverchannel.com

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