Strong storms down power lines, tree limbs across Boone County, USA

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Alert

Authorities responded to several incidents as severe thunderstorms  swept through Boone County on Saturday evening. 
The city’s real-time Fire and Rescue dispatch log showed more than 10 electrical hazards that were reported to 911 in the span of three hours following the storm. These incidents ranged from fallen tree limbs on cars to downed power lines. 
Columbia Fire Department Capt. Larry Curtis said he expected more calls to come in throughout the night as people got home and found damage. 
The severe thunderstorm resulted in two tornado warnings around 5 p.m. While no funnel cloud formed, the high winds caused a tree to take down an electrical line at the intersection of West Boulevard and Worley Street, according to an alert from the Boone County Office of Emergency Management. Both the tree and the electrical line ended up on a car. Roads near the intersection were closed for about an hour as crews worked to clear the debris.
A dozen reports of power lines down because of fallen tree limbs came in, Columbia Fire Department Division Chief Jerry Jenkins said. The fire department monitors the downed power lines until Columbia Water and Light can repair the lines, Jenkins said. 
The storm came through Columbia shortly after 5 p.m. By 5:20 p.m., 147 homes in Northern Columbia were without power, according to the Boone Electrical Cooperative’s outage map. Eight other homes lost power, according to Ameren’s website. Power was restored shortly afterward. 
The outage map for Columbia Water and Light was unavailable during the storm Saturday night. 
Lightning struck a home at 4010 Spring Cress Drive in northeast Columbia but caused only minimal damage. Jenkins said the strike removed shingles from the roof and left a mark four inches in diameter. No fire or hot embers were discovered at the scene. 
In southern Boone County, numerous trees were blown down at the intersection of Old Plank Road and Dothage Road, according to Boone County Emergency Management. The Boone County Fire Protection District responded to the scene. 
Curtis said the Columbia Fire Department responded to several reports of fallen tree limbs as well as trees falling on cars.
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