Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Berlin, Germany

Ein Passant schaut nach den vielen tot in der Spree treibenden Fischen (Foto: spreepciture)
A passer-by looks dead after the many fish driving in the Spree River (photo: spreepciture)
You drive backwards into the water – thousands of fish are in spree, shipping and Landwehrkanal died, swim on the surface of the water.
Near the main train station, stop people on the river Spree again, consider the sad phenomenon. Some take pictures of dead animals.
Cause of fish death is the big rain by the weekend, when Saturday moved several storm fronts over Berlin and after weeks without large precipitation the filth from the streets into the mixed water channel system flushed.
Petra Rohland, spokeswoman for the Senate Administration for the environment, said the B.Z., many micro bacteria in spree and channels were reached with the rain water. This was to reduce the already low oxygen content, the fish could no longer breathe.
Perch, Roach and eels are particularly affected. A company was now tasked with the recovery of dead fish. Before the carcasses are burned, document what species it is.
The fish kills is a typical urban problem, said raw land. It should also be analysed whether this year’s fish dying is more dramatic than in previous years.
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